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Keywords SEO Selection Tips

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Website Optimizer, analysis of the flow and conversion rate of very little, the general site Optimizer is focused on the keyword in the specified time to arrive at the designated ranking, therefore, the current stage of the site optimizer most of the energy used in the construction of the chain, content updates, as well as search engine loopholes on the basis of the few site optimizer focus on user experience, What kind of article users like to see how the article can be written to bring traffic. In this, I also do not talk about the writing of the article, but according to their own optimization experience to talk about some of the author's keyword optimization time and keyword selection techniques.

First, keyword optimization time

Easy keyword optimization time in about 7-15 days; medium key words in 1.5-2 months or so, the key words in 3 months or so, if the keyword 3 months still do not come up, do not have to take, according to the author's contact with customers, customers can accept the maximum period of optimization time of 3 months, more than 3 months, Recommended to do the website brand.

Some sites are based on good, so some simple and moderately difficult keywords have a good ranking within 7 days of the change of title, most of these sites have excellent outside the chain, the number of more than 5000, so, for a site optimization time estimate, view the site's outside the chain is a site optimizer to do the first thing.

Two. Selection of keywords

For keywords in the industry, the proposal according to the situation, such as hotel the word, if you want to optimize, as in the front plus place names, so that customers can more accurately find the target keyword, conducive to improve the conversion rate of the site. For the optimizer, do not blindly follow the customers, timely suggestions for optimization, can get the trust of customers; from another aspect, the Industry keyword optimization needs to pay more energy and human support, but the conversion rate of this keyword is extremely pessimistic, therefore, The conversion rate value of creating key words is an optimization method that the optimizer needs to master.

For the choice of key words, I asked the interviewer the question when I was recruiting, could you optimize any keywords to the homepage of the search engine? The interviewer replied that he can only optimize the Baidu index within 500 of the keywords in the Baidu home page. This person has just graduated from the training course, the foundation is very poor. After the interview, I can not understand why the husband only to optimize Baidu index only 500 of the key words, think of repeatedly, I finally understand, for no SEO experience and practice of students, optimize the word index 500 words more help to increase the students confidence. This is only the author of the conjecture, to be verified, but from another aspect can be seen to choose their own ability to optimize the key words, will not lose faith in customers, more insurance.

is not all the keywords can be optimized to search engine home, theoretically, however, my principle is not to accept the yellow gambling and other keywords, this is my website to optimize the industry on their own basic requirements; for Baidu index more than 10000 of keywords, in principle, is not to answer; For search engine portal station, Government stations occupy the keyword of search engine homepage, also not answer.

Site Optimizer in doing site optimization, must be based on their actual ability to pick up, for some want to optimize the industry's long-term development of the website optimizer, grasp the bottom line is particularly important to optimize the site. This article by The sun Room _ Broken Bridge aluminum doors and Windows Original, A5 starting, reproduced please indicate the source.

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