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Hello, everyone, and continue to share with you on the network to make money ideas. Today, I want to share with you the way of thinking about SEO. My last article, "Local talent site easy to achieve monthly income 60,000" released, many friends add me qq, have questioned me, do not believe that can do such a good effect. I give a lot of friends also gave a detailed explanation, I think the main is that everyone in the management of the site when the idea is not open.

I believe that today, a lot of friends are confused about SEO, disappointed mood, what is the reason?

First: The change in rankings leads to depression.

Second: The deeper the more you find the technology is too simple, right?

Third: The effect of too much hope, once the short-term can not be achieved, it is difficult.

To solve these problems, I would like to give you the advice is: there is strength, failure is temporary, no strength, success is temporary. Don't believe in myths.

Some time ago, we received a project: is a ribbon belt of the Maternal Recovery Center, I went to the shop for a turn, the decoration is very good, service personnel are very professional. But frankly, I chose the wrong place. They opened the shop at the end of a road, so that the loss of natural flow, can only rely on pulling users to come, this is very tired. Some people say that SEO is passive flow is this meaning, can have natural flow. Because of our many cases of convincing, eventually they chose us to help him do the network promotion project.

At first our technical staff in accordance with customer requirements designed a set of optimized keywords: baoding blue Ribbon | postpartum weight loss | postpartum breast shape | postpartum recovery | postpartum Slimming | milk. Soon, using SEO technology, these words are ranked in the home page of Baidu, but the technical staff found that this did not bring a number of blue ribbon traffic. The reason is that these words do not have high access, this effect is not good. Our technical staff in consultation, suddenly thought, this site since all the visitors are maternal, then what words can be a high volume of access, but also for the Blue Ribbon to bring accurate flow?

So we found a very important word: Baoding month sister-in-law, this word visits every day in Baidu has 50-80 or so, looking for the month sister-in-law is generally the maternal or her family, when they enter Baoding month sister-in-law, opened the Blue Ribbon website, they will understand the original post-natal care is also very important, At the same time we made an appointment page, so these expectant mothers immediately become a blue ribbon potential customers.

Since the change of the keyword strategy, the Blue Ribbon Web site has increased the number of visits 50%, telephone consultation and appointment of users have also been more.

Through this little story, I want to tell you that, in fact, there is no mystery SEO technology, but if the lack of marketing ideas, you will feel no way to go, to become a real SEO master, to exercise is not technology, but the idea!

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