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SEO Technology in the use of the process, the details of the problem is very important, maybe you will not care about it, it is afraid to accumulate small, small and small problems should be eliminated, here reference to the Tianjin SEO diagnosis process Some details to do some analysis and discussion. We don't discuss big questions, just small questions.


1, first page, the article List page classification prefix should not exist?


Many of the homepage of the site or large classification of the page table has a small classification of the prefix, I think this is not good, if you are collecting stations, a lot of similar articles, then the reality of the article in the home page prefix will be a large number of repeated occurrences. It's not a good thing.


2, what method is indexed by search engine?


not to submit, find a site has been included in the exchange of links, so save time and effort such as: Tianjin SEO optimization.


3, page content fonts all the same? I suggest that we use a graded and bold approach to emphasize the main content, which is, incidentally, not a small problem, but many people do not feel it.


4, where should I put the sitemap?


site Map of many sites are placed in the footer location, which is not, I think a site map is a guide, not only for search engines, users may also very much need, so may wish to put the page map in the upper right corner of the position, easy to be seen by users.


5, keyword label should not?


now mainstream search engines are skeptical of keyword tags, generally will not be cited, plus no, but if all the pages of the keyword tag are the same words will cause counterproductive, it is unreasonable, if it is better to remove.


6, the time suffix of the article list should not exist?


This is a very small problem, however, I would like to emphasize that all the content of a page should have its own value, if your site is a large integrated class information site can retain these date information, because users can easily find the latest updated content, if your site is professional targeted very strong small site, The suggestion is removed because it doesn't make sense. This information is also one of the interfering factors in the search engine. See: Tianjin website Construction


7, search engine update frequency, supplementary materials, included quantity changes and so on.


people may not care about these issues, but many things are inspired and answered by these factors.
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