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Do SEO people know that the site structure directly related to the site's collection, user experience and so on, and the site's traffic, conversion rate is closely related, experienced SEO personnel will optimize the site structure in a very important position.

Today, many sites are under construction to do SEO optimization, in fact, this approach is unreasonable. SEO should be done when the site has not been built, so that the site will not be "sick".

"Healthy" site is not need to SEO, only "sick" site needs. Those bad rankings are "sick" sites. If the "sick" site as a patient, we SEO personnel is a doctor, we are to the site to see a doctor, through the "internal and external conditioning", so that the sick site become healthy, so that search engines like, so that users like. If the site is built before the SEO, is equal to the site in advance to hit the "Prevention Needle", the site will not be so easy "sick", included and ranked naturally good. Prevention is always easier than cure.

From the SEO point of view, with good structure of the site is generally healthy, SEO has been successful half. The meaning of the website structure has two aspects: one is the physical structure and the other is the link structure. Then, in the SEO optimization process, what kind of site structure is a good site structure? The answer is: flat-type tree mesh structure. Here is a concrete explanation of what a flat-type tree mesh structure is.

The physical structure of a website is the structure that is determined by the site's real directory and location of the file. There are two kinds of reasonable physical structure: flat type and tree type structure.

The so-called flat type refers to all Web page files exist under the root directory, that is, the root directory of the site does not have folders, directly is the Web page files, such as,, The advantages of this flat web site structure are: the Web page file directly in the root directory, the root directory files than the file in the folder is inherently high weight, conducive to the site's collection and ranking. For example: is born to be higher than the ranking ability, because the former only a step spiders can find HTML files. Flat-type web site structure is more suitable for small sites, is conducive to inclusion and ranking.

The so-called tree structure refers to the root directory under a number of product categories, each category below have a specific product belonging to this classification. General medium and large web site will use tree structure, later maintenance and management convenience, because of this tree-shaped structure of the relationship between the page at a glance, the logic is very clear.

The so-called network structure is the link structure of the Web site, also known as the logical structure, refers to the link formed by the internal links of the Web map. Within the site to form a link between different pages, forming a "net", so that spiders regardless of which link can crawl through the entire site, is the highest level of network structure.

The best site structure is the combination of three, flat tree-type network structure. Flat-type tree network structure is conducive to the site bigger and stronger, more conducive to inclusion and ranking.

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