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Just contact the Novice SEO is the most of the outside chain Commissioner, daily according to the amount assigned by the leader to hair outside the chain. We all know that the outside of the chain of resources mainly include two categories: forum resources and blog Resources, did a period of time to optimize the site SEO workers are not feeling hair outside the chain is not so simple, good not nonsense. Into the topic, and everyone to share the next forum outside the chain of resources to use.

How to find the forum resources you want?

Outside the chain of resources to pursue universality and relevance, this is very clear to everyone. But how to find industry-related forum resources? The author uses the method is very simple: first, the exchange of resources, the second is to use the command or tool to find resources. Of course, there are other ways, such as: domain can also find a lot of outside the chain resources. But those resources are too confusing, first of all, the first way: exchange of resources, and others to change resources is the simplest and most direct. However, to find a peer and can be changed to resources is not easy, in exchange for the external chain of resources often need to organize their own, screening. The second way is to use commands or tools to find, those search commands must not say more, if you know some programs, it is easy to write accurate to the higher command. For example: The Forum program generally uses is Phpwind or discuz, then can write such a command:


This command is very simple to search the page title contains: SEO and powered by discuz the two keywords data, and powered by Discuz is DISCUZ Forum statement information. Many Discuz forums will have reservations, Phpwind forum is the same reason. This search results are not on the SEO forum, but we also need to brush the weight of a relatively high forum, for the low weight of the forum will not. Below I recommend a tool to help us to simply filter under:


This is a forum search tool, also I found on the Internet. Although the function is not powerful, but for the search forum resources is quite good, the software interface is very simple. In the input keyword place to write a few keywords, choose keyword type, finally click the "Start Search" button, the most important is free software. In fact, many SEO work can be aided by assistive software, this can save time, improve efficiency.

How to make good use of your forum resources?

The general weight relatively high forum, the new registered user is not to have anchor text signature, do BBS outside the chain is no more than the forum signature, of course, can also be in the Forum of the development of plate soft text links, many SEO forums have outside the chain zone. But those plate links too much, imagine the weight of the plate is very low. Do not think that the site is high on behalf of the weight, this is not the same thing. Therefore, the high weight of the forum resources have to first account, such as the high level of the account to do anchor text signature. Also can be in the forum of a high weight plate soft text links, because these plates need to grade GAO can be sent. So the number of the chain is relatively small. The more difficult to handle the outside chain, often the higher the quality.

There is also a work on the Forum worth doing: popular posts, how to make your post become a hot paste it? Hot stickers not only to include helpful, but also can be a good promotion of your products. To SEO forum for example, send a common soft text posts certainly no one concerned, because too many false original or reproduced, nor what dry content. Sometimes use the title of the role of the party, the effect is good, or to share some useful small software, these are everyone like, and also according to SEO news reasonable hype.

No matter what type of external chain resources have advantages and disadvantages, from the number of forum resources than the blog more. We use the Third party blog resources are just a few, and the blog resources are relatively slow to raise. In particular, some blog with anchor text is not easy to be included in the article, we spend most of the day doing outside the chain construction. In fact, I feel the current Baidu algorithm has made a great adjustment, so we still have to put most of the time in the station, especially the original content and the chain layout. All right, I'll talk to you today.

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