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Often in the takeover of a website, the first to conduct a site diagnosis analysis, to analyze the current situation of the site, where the site does not do well, how to improve, what effect will be improved. We have to each site to develop a corresponding site optimization program, the early diagnosis is the key to the optimization program. Let's talk about it in detail below.

When taking over a new website to diagnose it, we usually look at its title, whether the title contains the target keyword, what message this title can convey to the customer, and whether the customer can know what your website is doing in the shortest time.

When viewing the source file, to see if its code is very messy, there is no JS and CSS encapsulation. Too messy, search engine is very unfriendly to it, so there is no package in the case, must be encapsulated, so that not only can friends search engine more friendly, but also to make the home page more conducive to the search engine crawl.

In terms of keyword layout, it is reasonable to distribute, from left to right, from top to bottom of the layout rules. There are reasonable label use (h tags, fervent tags, etc.), reasonable natural distribution, do not make keyword overlap, the important, valuable keywords on the navigation bar above. Keyword density should control the proper distribution of keywords between 4% and 5%.

Generally each site has its own logo pictures, now the search engine can not recognize the picture, so we have to modify the Alt attribute through the picture, through the alt= "described here" to tell the search engine, you this picture is what, of course, can also like our website, logo using the background of the way, Write the above text, and then use CSS to control the display effect, which is also very good. In the picture is also as far as possible to reduce the use of too much picture too large often will affect the speed, all the pictures are also to add ALT attribute.

In search engine spider's arrival, makes a map is very important. Just as a man came to a new place, though not ripe. But there's a map. Then you can find all the locations of the site. Make a map of the website. The arrival of the spider more friendly crawling.

Make 404 pages, exclude the death of the site link, dead link will affect the search engine friendly to the site. Once there is a dead chain, spiders can not access will create a bad impression, we have to ensure that each connection is accessible. Don't create a dead end on the site. A dead link is in place to detect the repair. Let the search engine unimpeded online.

Site navigation is also important. With navigation, it's like going where you want to go. The best navigation results are breadcrumbs. It makes sense to know where to go. Navigation is also beneficial to search engine crawling. You can also add an article to the previous topic, the next topic. Make the entire website appear to extend in all directions. No one has a dead end.

View how often the content is updated. High-quality content on the site's weight plays a very important role, in order to ensure the vitality of the site, to maintain competitiveness, it is more original content. No updates for a long time, so that the site lost vitality. Spiders come a lot, no new content crawl also not come. So make sure that new content is always injected. This is helpful for SEO optimization work in the future.

The inner chain of the website is also very important. Do a good job in the chain, this is their own free to do the link, you can make the entire network can be accessible. Do not do outside the chain, is tantamount to cut off with the outside world. You can not enter this station from the outside, many outside the chain, more favorable to users to enter your site.

Do the above, we can formulate a detailed optimization plan, and then is to rely on a strong executive power. Reprint Please specify: Hainan tourism

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