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As the search engine constantly transforms its ranking algorithm, this leads to some ranking higher than the top of the page to lose the ranking position. A memorable event is "Florida update Time". Many of the top 1000 pages of the competitive keywords were kicked out of the search results.

From some recent research, some Web site administrators think in the current page ranking GOOGL may not use the PR value, because some of the PR value of the lower page can also be ranked in front of the higher position, and in the previous, everyone agreed that the page before the main factor is the PR value. Many people now think that getting rich text links through a wide variety of websites is a very important factor in getting a good ranking.

All of this gives us a signal that Google's ranking algorithm is completely unpredictable, is it? No, this inference is not correct.

All search engines are basically the same. Scientific literature related to information retrieval and some recent search engine patents provide us with information on the future "> Development direction of Search engine ranking algorithms".

General Introduction to specific topic links

In the past few years, search engines have relied on general link 17891.html "> popularity to evaluate the importance of pages." This correlation is based on an integration of the popularity of common links (importance), the degree of alignment of keywords and pages, and links to related topics.

The overall link popularity is measured by summarizing all the external links, then all the external links to the Web page of the PR value has a certain role, some webmaster even by buying some completely and the topic does not link to get the popularity of the promotion, so as to further get a better ranking.

To counter this cheating, Google uses a new algorithm that links popularity to specific topics. When a user presents a search request, Google calculates the importance of a page by calculating the richness of the links to the pages associated with the keyword.

In some of the following cases, a page link can be fed back to a large number of popular links associated with specific topics (keywords):

1 The pages themselves are optimized for your keywords

2 These pages have very high PR value

3 This page is for all other sites. (Unable to vote for their own keywords).

From the search engine point of view, to such a PR value associated with the algorithm is a very difficult job, because the search engine is required in a few seconds to feedback the search results.

One thing we have to understand is that those popular keywords are related to pages that have very high PR values. So from those who have a higher PR value of the Web page to get links to optimize the target keyword is a very important job.

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