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I am a Tianjin seo small warm, before getting to the point, do a little matting:

My SEO optimization blog because of Google advertising problems, in Kappa woman very fire was k off, although there is a premonition of their own may be k, but still did not stand the temptation of advertising fees, finally by Google punishment, I was very calm, but also very fortunate that my SEO blog was blocked, GG account is not sealed, this and I predicted the exact opposite, this month can also receive GG payment, 100 U.S. dollars, my first GG advertising fee. In this friendly reminder to do Google ads friends, it is best not to cheat, or the consequences will be very serious.

Now go to the point, hehe, is in front of the big background, in two weeks ago to do a new blog, domain name is also a new registration, do not intend to do SEO rankings, Google 5 days only included, Khan one, usually a half hour new station Google included, this time unexpectedly used 5 days, since not thinking about what ranking, Of course, have the mentality to face these problems, 10 days after Baidu also included my small blog.

Because recently will study the direction of SEO to the English website SEO optimization, the name of the blog is also used in English title: Lenry's new discovery, description is also English, do a new blog, delete the old station before looking for a link before the friends changed the link, the stroke text did not change, or Tianjin SEO , changed the Web site, the brothers are good, all to the Web site changed, and did not dislike my new domain name just included in this particular thank you.

And a couple of pr2-4 websites that have a link to the new blog, now has been two weeks, today, accidentally checked the rankings of Tianjin SEO site, found that my new blog in Tianjin SEO second page of the last position, and the title to change to the Chinese "Tianjin SEO", Baidu "Lenry" ( my blog name), or English title, I looked very strange, my blog title again did not write what Chinese words, now unexpectedly has the title of Tianjin SEO.

From this I think, in Baidu optimization, the role of the link of the description of words is strong and evil, this is why we often say that the content of the king, outside the chain for the emperor's reasons, the chain alone, in the current Baidu can still make a good ranking, is irrelevant things, even after a powerful description of the baptism of the text, Will do amazing things! Personal recent little discovery, share with you, hope to give some friends inspiration and help.

Welcome friends to make a brick exchange, by the way to find a few links to the new blog, My small blog address: Contact qq:3895868

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