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For most websites, image optimization is not deliberately focused on, and there is not much time spent on image optimization. However, there are hundreds of thousands of websites displaying information on the theme of pictures. And we can get a lot of traffic through the picture information, which makes us have to pay attention and attention. What details need to be aware of during the image optimization process? What are the techniques to optimize the image? This brings us into deep thinking. In my spare time, I also conducted in-depth analysis and summary of the image optimization techniques.

1, the size of the picture

Image size is very important, which is related to the search engine experience and user experience, the picture is too large, it is easy to cause page layout disorder, resulting in the overall structure of the balance disorders, users browse, the aesthetic feeling dropped significantly affect the user browsing behavior , Will affect the loading speed of the webpage at the same time, if own website bandwidth and flowrate are limited, it is even more deeply influenced by it, cause this page bounce rate too high directly, further result in the page rank effect is slow. We need to control the size of the picture at the same time, grasp the picture frame loss, give full consideration to clarity. Can use the photoshop tool "stored as a web format" to be able to properly control the size, improve page image loading speed.

2, the location of the picture

The location of the image is just as important. Image information can often make users and readers come to mind intuitively and clearly. Therefore, it is imperative to fully understand the importance of the image information presented. At present, the application rate of pictures is also gradually increasing. When the content is displayed in the page content, it is often arranged in front of the topic, allowing the user to fully understand the topic passage for the first time and deepening the impression through the picture information. In fact, the use of images is not only displayed in the content, often use recommended articles will be used to show, allowing users to more intuitive feel the theme meaning.

3, the clarity of the picture

Picture clarity is beyond doubt, for website optimization, picture clarity is that we must pursue. Although the clarity of the current search engine can not reasonably distinguish, but for users to browse a big discount, even think that eye-catching pictures, if the upload process due to errors caused by missing frames, then the user will also reduce the heart can be Reliability. Not only that, sometimes directly affect the user's decision-making, direct denial of the readability of the content, which jump out of the page for the next act.

4, the alt attribute of the picture

Information in the picture If you want search engine to better understand, you must use the alt attribute, the alt attribute of the picture is a brief description of the picture information. The alt attribute is very important. It must be image-related, content-related, and avoid having to pile up for keyword stuffing. This property not only allows the search engine to better understand the picture at the same time if the error occurs, but also allows users to understand the picture they want to show the theme.

5, the relevance of the picture

The relevance of the picture is very important, although at present Baidu can not fully identify and assess their relevance, but for the user experience, the relevance has been considered the focus of the process of image optimization techniques. Unreasonable pictures, irrelevant pictures not only can not add color to the article content, but will further allow readers to lose trust in the site, there is the feeling of being deceived, which directly affects the depth of the visit and re-visit. In the loss of some users at the same time, website traffic will face another crisis.

6, the picture compression

SEO optimization process often can not do perfect picture optimization, in order to further improve its, improve the loading speed of the page, you can take appropriate compression pictures, using Gzip function, CDN service to improve the loading speed of the page. It is worth mentioning that there are many tools for compressing pictures on the Internet, but when it comes to "lossless" compression, it is recommended to use Page Speed, a Firefox browser plug-in. The tool is very simple to use and has outstanding effects on picture optimization. Rate is small, it is worth a try.

Summary of thinking:

Image optimization, often in the large photo gallery can fully reflect its role and value, the process must be targeted, but also need to pay attention to the authority of the picture, the source address of the picture url, picture link address, and even more. Fully meet the search engine experience and user experience are satisfied, for such a website, the traffic why not rise? Of course, in addition to the optimization of the picture, the other optimization direction must be indispensable, more importantly: to do Balance reasonable adjustment.

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