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I have been engaged in e-commerce for almost 2 years, but rarely to write their own work experience and feelings. Today, the use of your station to simply write a few sentences. Come to Guangzhou also has some time, the feeling Guangzhou actually is a good place, Guangzhou is an electronic commerce metropolis, is very competitive. Recently received a new station, is to do women's clothing, called Hanyi Costumes in fact, women's supplies competition is very fierce, in order to work, there is no way. Don't say much. Here is a big lecture, how I do let Baidu the next day to collect my new station.

Keywords positioning

Received the product, first of all to study the product related information, basic information and so on. And then find a point to locate the keyword. Take me this station to say, in order to more conform to the product image. I put the keyword in some wholesale clothing, my title "Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Network-Women's Wholesale network-Korean version of women Wholesale-Hanyi" I say why I want to put the key words, 1, because I am doing apparel industry, this industry wholesale Baidu Index is very high, but the combination of their willingness to reduce competitiveness, I chose a small competition to do the key words, so it will not blindly to do the optimization to do the promotion of the final home. First I chose the main keyword "guangzhou clothing wholesale network, and women's wholesale network" behind a few are help keyword. 2, increase exposure, put so many words, I do not believe you can not find my. Small talk, I hope you pass the teacher can add comments.

Second, the search engine entrance submission

The key words are fixed, submit to each big search engine first. Let the spiders in time to find you, know you this new station out of the oven, Baidu in fact for the new station is very interested in, if the site can more put some Baidu like the original quality of the soft text, I believe it will like you, of course, the site layout template is very important, the following we say outside the station promotion.

Third, outside the station promotion

There are many ways to promote the outside of the station, but the most commonly used is to go to the Forum, blog, stick, question and answer, summary, such as the platform to release your soft wen, exposure of your website, increase the chain of collection. In these platforms to promote to pay attention to is your content, do not send your URL too directly, so there is no effect, the role is not small, many forums have artificial nucleus, very objectionable you add a website link in. Otherwise, see kill one. Then seal your ID. So, how can we be able to very smoothly expose our website, but also can let us send the post to survive. Many observant people will find that the forum can be accompanied by signature, you can put your site's address in the signature, in a soft text, or the top sticker, your signature is displayed. I summed up two points: 1, adjust the content, more occurrences of keywords. Finally add the article to where it's from. (This should all know) 2, this is and some forum moderators do a good job. Go down the back door. I and a forum of the management of the good. It's okay to have him highlight or top up my post. Although not too much effect, but also good.

Iv. links (more painful)

Just out of the station are all out, want nothing. Find the relevant chain, people say you take it slow. Unrelated people are ignoring you, although they are new stations. In this case, only take their old station and others do cross chain. There are still a lot of people who have to think about this loss-making business.

Five, SEO optimization in the station

This is the contents of the update station. The content should pay attention to the key words laying, also can not be too deliberately to content inside plug keywords. Excessive is excessive. Spiders don't like it either. For a reasonable use of the template, the home page as little as possible to put some pictures have been video and so on, Baidu is not very like, because Baidu for the image recognition rate is not high, the opposite of Google's processing function is more powerful.

Above is my summary personal operation method, 17th do the submission, the station outside promotion, the day has the reverse record, the next days Baidu included, this article by: stationmaster feeds!

Author: Han Bin

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