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Next to the article "SEO One of the chain strategy: Foster a good Portal blog!" After the publication, many beginners add my QQ advice on how to quickly increase the chain of skills. To put it bluntly, the way to increase the chain is so several, but also can be said to increase the chain of the way there are many species, the key is the individual imitation and innovation, find the best gourd, painting the best scoop.

Yesterday, finally A5 on the chain of articles from the first article in 07 to now nearly 500 articles throughout the entire browsing. So think of writing an article on the increase of the site outside the chain summary of articles, to help the broad still linger in how to increase the chain seoer. Break outside the chain limit, change a thinking, do outside the chain may be more simple. Let's get down to business:

First of all, simply introduce the two forms of the addition of the chain:

One, laborious type

1. Exchange links. Increase outside the chain is a good way, you can through the Forum QQ Group or friends chain platform to find friends, preferably through the Forum and group search, remember the principle: Friendship after the link. Friends of the chain platform is mostly done outside the chain, sell more.

2, in the blog reply and comments to add links, the effect is good. At the same time is also a good way to promote, do not recommend simple to do outside the chain, friendship and interaction can increase the network. Check whether the target is no follow, comments to be consistent with the article, someone else's home to know you are to soy sauce, will not return to you, not directly to you spam.

3, the Portal blog in the release of the article to add anchor text and links, home page to add links. Recommended Baidu space, but need to use caution, abuse has been the risk of K. Blog pay attention to foster, at the same time can spread under the thinking, let Bo friends free to you add friends chain, some people will feel honored, it is very simple, because many people do not know its role. The effect is very good.

There are a lot of thief program will also collect space, my Baidu space more than 100 articles are collected, anchor text are collected together, you can think of the number of the chain to get huge.

4. Post replies in the Forum. This kind of mainly looks at the signature, find the weight high can send anchor text relevance forum, there is the Government forum. Ps: There are irrigation areas to go to the irrigation area, we seoer is not a network of garbage manufacturers. Hair quality Good article, let a top, can not find strong paste on the back door, such as: with the mm moderator chat interactive interaction, network resources is needed to accumulate ~ but now the effect is not very good, a little thankless feeling ~

5. Friend chain platform and classified information release or Yellow Pages. There are a lot of collection on the Internet, some platform weight is quite high, good quality. Baidu classification information and Yellow Pages this piece is more favored, do more, but not bad.

6, the network bookmark, like Baidu Collection, QQ bookmark, Cape of Hope and so on. Good quality

7, question-and-answer chain, like in Baidu know (cautious, not too much), Tianya, Soso, answer with links on some directly can be linked to the problem, a lot of thieves program will come to collect, the effect is very good.

Second, Simple Type

1, the purchase of links need to spend financial resources, have the economic ability to try, black chain I see on the bar, now check the strict, get bad on the hang. Quantity can be increased every day, not too much at once. Link is the whole station, the first page, or the Inner page link need to pay attention to, this in the friend chain exchange also need attention.

2, to Granville Guest net release task effect is good, still spend money ~

3, write soft text or novels to contribute to the large stations, such as our technical articles can be in A5, Chinaz, seowhy, tui18, Cnbeta and so on the weight, the high rate of reproduction of the site. This recruit many seoer, every day a high-quality article at the same time do the original + outside the chain, why not? For those who reprint the copyright after the unauthorized modification of the "smart" we can contact to let him change, after all, this is our hard work for an hour of the creation of the results ah.

4, the production of blog, CMS free template, in the template Plus "powered by" such a link.

5, the production of free tools this need a certain base of the compilation.


Laborious type of increase in the number of outside the chain you need to gradually do, every day on time to plan tasks, of course, Qinnengbuzhuo, continue to do, the number of the chain will gradually increase. It is precisely because of these methods to do outside the chain, so many people think that doing SEO is the door of physical activity, want to make SEO more interesting, not because of the long time outside the chain does not go and distressed, suggest the following method.

Simple type of increase in the chain of the way is mostly linked bait: link bait (links baiting) has been the SEO master of the external chain construction mouth unchanged topic, rely on the content to attract import links.

QQ Space, Baidu has an article sharing function, and some articles can have tens of thousands of reprint, you can associate to the chain?

A film station is the industry resources very good site, its series of Taobao passenger station, through the site in the film's content introduced a large number of anchor text, many movie site collection, or even direct call. In the process of his anchor text links have been fully reproduced, they do not need to send their own outside the chain.

According to the points listed in the knowledge that everyone can learn, but can not flexibly use, can expand their thinking is not everyone will be. So flexible thinking is the most important. Can you broaden your thinking and innovate from this example?

There are many ways you can talk about the exchange of learning, of course, if you have doubts about my claim or doubt, welcome everyone to add SEO communication technology QQ Group: 141317871, welcome like-minded friends to exchange learning

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