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In the course of the career of SEO, we will inevitably encounter problems, then the following Foshan SEO summary of their experience in the process of receiving orders "low-key work High-profile orders"

One, do a good job of their SEO duties (adhering to the low-key)

1, Regional SEO site training: From the competitive intensity of regional SEO site is very easy to optimize, so if you want to pick up the list of SEO, it is recommended to do a good job of the local SEO site, even if it is a very small area, as long as there is your location, with your brand, then only need to "wait on OK ", this kind of SEO is called" Wait type seo ".

2, do regional SEO site considerations: Regional SEO site will inevitably encounter competitors, we need their own SEO technology to do their own site to achieve the appropriate position, to maintain a good competitive environment, adhering to the "fair, harmonious" attitude, not to denigrate competitors, not to undermine the rules of the game. Achieve "tepid".

3, adhere to learning, communication and cooperation: SEO is a change in the market, to continue to study research, summed up their own way to learn from the strengths of others "to take the long cloth of others to their own short." In the region can take the way of mutual cooperation, after all, SEO mainly from the use of resources. Combine your resources and peers ' resources to achieve "strong alliances".

4, good team spirit: a slap never shot, you may be a person can maintain 1-5 stations, but after all, their own energy is limited, conditions allow the formation of their own team, so that the division of labor details. Teamwork can not only improve your work efficiency, but also promote technical communication and cooperation.

Second, SEO orders to comply with the premise (High-profile control)

1, the nature of the site: from the SEO ready-made said, the first to consider the product nature of the site, if the product does not conform to the relevant provisions of the State, then we should strictly eliminate such orders, such as "yellow gambling virus."

2, the internal situation of the website: understand the nature of the product must be accurate understanding of the internal situation of the customer's website, to understand the details of the product, whether the customer can provide reference materials (electronic documents, pictures, video), the comprehensive status of the site domain name (domain name suffix, age, length, whether including keywords, history, weights) The basic state of the site's space (stability, speed, setting status, penalty, url redirection). Only a detailed understanding of the foundation of the site in order to ensure that our future work smoothly.

3, Competitive strength Analysis: in the process of receiving quotations is inevitably involved in quoting, then we have to do targeted analysis, only through targeted analysis to know the size of competitive strength, according to their team's ability to carry out competitive strength, to make a reasonable offer. SEO Price Market Everyone should know that "very confusing" we do not because the market disruption of their own style, according to the team or their own actual situation, according to the facts to speak, strict control.

4, search engine instability warning: in the process of receiving orders we should tell customers that the search engine will adjust the rules, warning the customer search engine instability factors, that is, the ranking of the floating situation. But remember not to use search engine instability for your own reasons as a pretext for excusing our responsibilities.

5, cost control: In the process of receiving orders, the most headaches may be the cost of payment methods, so here Foshan breeze to give you a proposal, now most customers are not particularly familiar with the site, if the site's domain name and space in your hand, you can take the monthly, quarterly pay the way, appropriate to receive a deposit. If the basis is not in their own hands, then should be charged with the corresponding deposit (we also want to eat), after the keyword stability can take a one-time payment or other means of payment.

6. Continuous maintenance: After the key words come into effect, we should be to receive the list to do continuous maintenance, we may all understand that SEO is a adherence to the process, in the contract or agreement within the period of time we should do their own job, the site to maintain the maintenance, to ensure that the interests of customers will continue to expand our services, After all, it involves the possibility of renewed maintenance. itself within the contract period we should do the maintenance of the job, from the SEO point of view, if you have resources, the possibility of renewed maintenance is very large. As long as we in the process of SEO to create benefits for customers, I believe that the continuation of the maintenance is logical.

Summary: Above is the SEO to receive a single skill of their own summary, Foshan wind site team in the next days will gradually introduce to you all kinds of SEO orders of other skills, hope that all SEO friends help!!!

Copyright: This article by Foshan Breeze website Construction Team Chief SEO consultant hand-written, starting A5, reprint please keep our link: Copyright, piracy must investigate!!!

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