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Walnut today when chatting with a friend, talking about the link to do the station,

Of course, mainly talk about direct exchange, not search engine submission and directory landing.

Many times, such as we do a word, want to optimize through SEO, and then let it in Baidu and GG such search engine performance under the rankings can be very good.

So how do you do this link? If it is a business-related site, but also a site with commercial interests, such as selling goods or providing services to the station, how do we do the link?

Most of the time, the best link for this kind of station is the link that the competitor gives you, here we set a word to do the example: Hangzhou computer Training

Walnut here to simply mention SEO Chinese participle of some things.

such as "Hangzhou computer Training" The word in Baidu Search can be seen,

May participle is such: "Hangzhou" "Computer" "training"

After the three words are divided, we will do two times to sort: "Hangzhou" "Computer Training"

and then again. Hangzhou Computer Training "the word.

Generally speaking, search engine word for the sorting of these three steps is to have. Of course, there may be some reverse participle and so on.

Through the above you can understand, "Hangzhou computer Training" The word Word segmentation method, then we do link when we can according to these three words of the relevant words to carry out the link exchange, and not only with the "computer training" related to the station exchange. So we can expand the number of exchange links and short word rankings.

For example:. " Hangzhou Computer Training "the word. How to choose a better link for SEO?

We can with the title of "Hangzhou" site links, can improve their site "Hangzhou" weight.

And then with the title of the word "computer" link to the station, you can improve the "computer" the weight of the word,

You can also link exchange with the site with the word "training" in the title, improving the weight of the word training.

When the "Hangzhou" "Computer" "training" the weight of the three words have improved, "Hangzhou computer Training" The word ranking will certainly have a considerable improvement!

When doing a link, there is a saying:

For example A and B is the same keyword station, if a station ranked better than B station, when a station chain to B station is equal to B station cast a vote, B station chain to a station is equal to a station cast a vote, but the value of the two tickets is not the same, B to vote for a 10 points, A vote for B will be above 10. The main reason is that a station ranked better than B station, we can think that this is a performance of high weight.

So there's a point here, and it's best to exchange it with the station in front of you. For example, "Hangzhou", you should find the word ranking in front of you to exchange, if this is the case, the weight will improve faster.

Walnut think we can certainly find a "Hangzhou computer training" This title of the site to exchange, but the problem is, quite a lot of time when the other side is unwilling to exchange with you, because it is a direct competition opponents,

You will see 163 of the home page has Sina's link? Does the 163 news channel have a link to the Sina News channel? It doesn't seem to be, yes. Maybe they all think that it's better to do it than to do it, and that's why they have to guess.

If you can link to the site with the title "Hangzhou Computer Training", of course, that would be a pleasure. But you have to figure out the relationship between A and B.

Of course, there is a good ranking in their own situation, you can choose the relevant channels with the big stations to link, such as with some big stations of "Hangzhou", "Computer", "training" channels such as link exchange, can also improve their weight.

Quite a lot of SEO will tell you, preferably with their own site has a certain weight of the table of contents or pages to do links, and not just to exchange with others home page links, walnuts more agree with this practice.

Enterprise links should be how to do, walnuts provide is a way of thinking, I hope you can understand that links do not necessarily have to do with peers, peer links to do a very difficult time, we can have another solution. And this approach is not necessarily less than the weight of the link with the peer.

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