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Please input keywords and please input keywords from the index to see what should be a hot keyword, the two keyword Baidu search volume every day is more than 60,000, from the trend chart is still very smooth, in addition, from the Baidu Index to provide regional data analysis, the search source distribution of provinces and cities are more balanced. Therefore, the basic can be ruled out is brushed out.

Baidu "Please input keywords", find relevant pages about 5,650,000

Baidu "Please enter the keyword", find the relevant page about 2,570,000 pieces

Can see the competition is still relatively high, ranked first in the top of the top-level domain name, ranked in the back of the top-level domain name also has a Directory page and article page. Although the competition is relatively high, but 60,000 of the amount, therefore, there are stationmaster (including himself.) OH) has been doing these keywords, to see what standing to do "Please input keywords", "Please enter the keyword":



Optimization results: Through a few months of optimization, Baidu ranked first to the third position, but the IP to far less than Baidu index on so many, at most, less than 5,000 bar. So we do stand when Baidu index can only be a reference.

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