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Internet business, site no longer only as a corporate image of a window, more is to open up marketing channels, for the enterprise efficiency of the site, many people's website to run more and more demand to erect a marketing-oriented site, for many of the site optimization on the site of the creator of the body, So we are in the process of making the site to investigate some SEO techniques, below we enumerate several SEO techniques for reference.

Have to belong to their own problems

Key word where refers to the expression of the Web site to effect the internal substantive meaning of the statement; Proper use of key words in the web, you can improve the site in the search engine key word ranking, the usual attention in the URL, title tag in the use of the text in the use of the key word is also very useful, Since then to remember that the key word of the amount of delivery should be enough to prevent the certainty that there is cheating suspected of being punished.

Proper use of key words for optimization

In the opening of the site, the use of semantic code, the use of a Descriptive Tag gang page construction, can improve the search engine to enhance the accessibility of the site, which will make the entire site looks very brief.

Using AJAX to receive the user experience understanding the final result is really good, since so the intrinsic meaning of Ajax generated no way to link to the search engine is useless, so we should be cautious in the production of Web sites.

Use AJAX with caution

In the website production process item, perhaps our web teacher always wants to seek the website the beauty, often use some pictures to replace the book navigation, perhaps look very beautiful, since so we said before, search engines are not understand the picture, so we can use the book in the production of the book deeds do not use the picture.

Second-level navigation can use the book of the best deeds, do not use pictures instead

In the production of the website in the home page where we will outline a sketch, the painting is not finished, where we will have a link to the inner page to let the reader continuously see, such links in the site we see the most is to use "more >>" or more to point to links, so it is not possible, We should be such as the introduction of Web site knowledge More "; URL links should also be determined to maintain the general nature, Or is or, because the search engine will normally let the www with no plus www site is two different sites, so before making the site should be determined to use the WWW or not www, to determine the use of it is not appropriate to change.

The inner chain of website production should pay attention to

Attributes in a picture Alt is important for search engines, search engine no longer understand the image of the picture, which requires the alt in the picture to the messenger it, if omitted this, will cut some of the flow, alt in the painting should be rules, not suitable for too long, not suitable for alt= "".

Apply a good Alt Picture property

The use of Flash to create a navigation some really very characteristic signs, since so then the search engine as if not interested in good looks, search engine is not as smooth as the reading of the internal essence of flash, so the navigation link search engine in Flash has no way to track.

You should avoid using flash as a navigation key

Each page should have its own problem, and each problem should not be the same, if otherwise, if every page of the problem is the same, the search engine will think it is unified page.

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