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1, do not ignore the invalid link

You should always look for and fix invalid links on the site. If you have deleted pages or sections, you can use the robot.txt to prevent spiders from crawling and indexing the invalid links. If you have a mobile Web page or an entire site, you can use 301. htaccess file to redirect to a new URL.

2, do not ignore the site map

Do you want to see your every page on the search engine site? Help the search engine spider complete its work. There should be a map like a site, linked to all pages on your site. Build sitemap, generate HTML and XML format site map, can effectively increase the collection of sites, spiders crawling also more friendly.

3, do not ignore the URL standardization

In the view of the search engine, a www and non-WWW site is considered to be two different URLs. You should always keep your domain name and URL structure consistent.

The above 3 URLs with 301 Redirect to, the advantage is that the PR and weight can be lumped together, which is called URL standardization.

4, do not ignore the directory hierarchy

Do not go too deep in the directory hierarchy, the site directory is best kept within three levels, as close as possible to the root directory. Flat structure of the site more suitable for spider crawling, is conducive to the site included. In general, the user through less than 4 clicks, to reach the final content page of the site structure to meet the flat requirements.

5, do not ignore the wide range of the chain

Outside the chain of construction in fact the most need perseverance and patience, you can go to blogs, questions and answers, stick, bookmarks, favorites, forum hair outside the chain, and other links and the release of soft text needs more attention. Friendship link is the most important and direct outside the chain, and the release of soft paper is A5, your soft wen as long as through, generally at least more than 10 sites reproduced your article, this effect is very good.

6, do not ignore the page inside the distribution of links

Reasonable distribution links to do each page must have a link back to the home page. The top logo such a link. Second-level page and content page to avoid the similarity of the page, such as your location. Many pages have "hot recommendations, related recommendations," and other columns, these columns should display and the content of the page, rather than each page is displayed exactly the same content, but also should be accompanied by relevant keywords, such as "VIP travel hot, VIP travel related recommendations" and so on.

7, do not ignore the optimization of the picture

Each product image should have an ALT tag to tell the search engine what this picture is. such as: alt= "51 of Lijiang Ancient city photos" is more than alt= "Dali, Lijiang 7th Tour" better. The file name of the picture should also be relevant, and the ALT description should be to build a separate database field store. For example: Lijianggucheng.jpg is much better than 20090631001.jpg.

8, do not ignore the application of the label

b tags in the past, Black Hat SEO application of too much, the individual or with fervent more, easy to be the search engine attention. Underline, but also use caution, these labels should be used precisely in the keywords, the observation of many sites of the label application of the details are not done, such as a tag (link tag) contains the title of the Icon Integrated environmental protection cooker should be integrated environmental stoves do not mislead let search engines think this is a picture of the link. Webmaster Original, reproduced please indicate the source.

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