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September 18, 2008, received an email, SEO, website optimization, keyword packaging 10 3 months to reach the top 10 Google Baidu.

Interested parties please contact So-and-so mailbox, received this email I am very angry, and even crash.

SEO Good to do? SEO not good to do? I'm sorry, I can tell you the answer: in fact, I do not know! That group of lovely SEO service provider friends, before very happy, seo good to do, is to do a search engine optimization rankings, simple. They thought they had found a cash cow, and then they tried to shake it. Alas, Failure!

Today, everyone said, SEO difficult to do! Why? For what? I don't know, that tree money, is SEO to everyone's a sword, just good time very sharp, any chop can chop money, later, we will only chop, forget to sharpen the sword, so this sword also rose rust, into a broken sword, If we can't chop, we'll wave.

The whole SEO market, swords, customer friends have been numb and become strong, let you chop you can always in this piece of the sword in a secure life, they said, do not harass me, your broken swords.

SEO is not good to do, in the end who has to do with China's SEO market?

Sustainable development, in our industry, has become empty talk. Some people for short-term benefits, took the sword of the SEO to chop, cut to what? The money you took away, left to the traditional enterprise, is a long scar.

Impetuous Chinese SEO, impetuous nuggets, when you desperately preach the time, there is no discovery, you are digging the corner of SEO.

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