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Work every day, seo doing things, maybe, will be very boring, perhaps, we have also been confused, puzzled by our current efforts when we can harvest, what we are now the form of value, how to highlight what we need to understand now, calm face it, SEO, every day should do things, Keep going, you'll get something.

One of the things: detection of their own web site data, in the major search engines of the site included, the chain, as well as rankings, if there are major updates to the keyword, but also adhere to the ranking of keywords, check the ranking of keywords, from the long tail keyword to the main keyword, one should not let go. If the right to drop, we must find out the reason, is the reason for the link, or the cause of the structure of the site, and so on, are to be resolved immediately, and this right to fall urgently, we must find out as soon as possible.

Two things: On the A5 Forum and A5 home page to find a good article, come out to read, for example, the recent optimization contest, "Electric Business Circle", Baidu Index is high, have to participate in activities of friends can go to see all of us learn experience, there are Baidu's new station effect, Baidu's title change effect, as well as the weight of the site, And the relevance of the site, and so on, are we are worth thinking about, and in the A5 Forum, a large number of posts, although there are a lot of ad, but also a lot of daily occurrence of the webmaster industry news, these are we should know, for example I see today, "Dingdao Division Mi Xiaobin" Six asked Han cold, you know Baidu? "This article, as well as Tang moderator daily Review, and so on, the understanding is to see."

Three things: Update your blog every day, there are some blogs that need to be updated every day, is original should be the best, I believe a lot of friends have a lot of blog group built, these blog into a ring, and then the weight passed to their main station, these are all we should do every day, the effect of the blog should be better than the forum a bit better, The practice of connecting in some large blogs is now welcome.

Four things: The use of the Forum, believe that the blog is what we need to do and maintain, the forum is also we often go shopping, the forum where all the signatures are welcome, but also belong to an access entrance, the signature of the chain now has a certain role, at least can lead spiders to crawl, There are good resources for everyone to make good use of it.

Thing five: Update the site, there is a regular update of the site to SE is always more friendly, update the site, especially for an enterprise, although the news is very small, but update or to be timely, because the update is the respect of SE, will update to the end, you will find spiders come very frequently.

SEO, every day often do things, in fact, there are many, above five points of self feeling is very important, stick to it, what things are to refuel. Coagulation fly Son, 20110411 (original starting A5), Chinese glass Net, (reprint please keep)

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