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SEO is now more and more people pay attention to how the site can be ranked in front of the search engine is a lot of practitioners to consider the issue of SEO is also the most headaches one thing.

Here is a simple talk about the search engine optimization need to pay attention to a few details:

1, should pay attention to is the title of each page, the title must include you want to optimize the keyword, keyword can not be too long, too long easy to be ignored by search engines.

2, Meta Tags: by the way, the meta tag, which is divided into two parts: HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description letter (NAME). A META tag is an auxiliary tag in the HTML language head that provides information that is not visible to the user, between the <HEAD> tag and the <TITLE> tag in the header of the HTML document. Meta tags are often used to define page themes for search engine robots, or to define cookies on the user's browser, to identify authors, to format pages, to annotate content feeds and keywords, and to set up pages so that they can refresh themselves according to the time intervals you define, and set RASC content level, and so on; this has certain influence to the search engine, but is not very big, puts the keyword in the keywords inside, then writes in the descriptive text label to your current page The general description, the description must relate with the content, otherwise will be the search engine to cheat to see.

3, since the title tag: Heading tag is the second most important part of SEO site. I usually think the weight is twice times the text. You can put the keywords on each page, the statement into this inside, tell the search engine this is what you want to emphasize. However, heading tags or the effective means of separating the content of the page, can be divided into manageable parts, so that people more appropriate to read, even if they do not have any SEO value, many people will still be used.

4, keyword distribution: The body part of the appropriate keyword. Generally for the first 200 words in the text, in these places the keyword may be some help in the rankings, but also in the title, the middle of the text, the end of the text and other places appropriate keywords.

SEO work is to go through a long and hard road, so in addition to insist on, but also need patience and careful.


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