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You reader, today I and you share the site search engine optimization experience, if you reader think you can, I will continue to share some experience, this is something, the following began.

First, to search good, domain name is very important.

Now do the site can not be separated from SEO, the word is said to be rotten, in fact, is that matter. It is important to select a domain name first. Here I share an experience, if you can not find a short English domain name, it would be better to find a long, Hanyu Pinyin domain name is a very good choice.

Select the whole domain name, there is a trick is to choose the keyword is directly the whole fight, for example: Lewanzu (play Clan), Xuelingqian (preschool), Jinianwang (Memorial Network) and so on. Take Xingjikao (Star test), you can register into, you reader may say I am in advertising, what a broken domain name Ah, people listen to me.

I am engaged in the industry is children's English education industry, if you also in this children's English education industry, you will not have heard of the "Shanghai General Children's English star test", the test currently in Shanghai every year about 50,000 green children in the exam, the abbreviation is called "Star test." In Baidu, Google search "star test" this keyword you will see the first page is basically spent to promote, the word heat is generally visible.

Again, if you are in Baidu, Google search "Xingjikao" This whole spell, you will find the same "star test" content, which means that the search engine to the whole of the understanding of the corresponding Chinese characters, the same is done "star test" this keyword, if my domain name itself is the keyword, So everyone said I have no advantage? hehe, the answer is yes.

Heard here is not found the doorway, this is the (Star test) the domain name charm. Also, I said, the advantage of the Chinese pinyin spelling domain name. To play the family, positioning is to do creative commodity e-commerce Business Mall, so the name is very fashionable, also very relevant to the theme, the slogan is "Do music play a clan, play turn creative life", and Bi Sheng (Baidu former spokesperson) of the Lok Amoy clan similar, the domain name of the entire fight in the establishment of the site image and promotion of the time is very helpful.

Two or one days to be included in the search engine tips

Today's theme is "How to make your site included in the search engine one day." Hear here, perhaps a friend will scoff, the site submitted to the search engine is OK! Oh, submitted search engine is true, but you will find that your station may take a few days to be included, perhaps a few weeks have not been included, the lucky words may also be included in a day. Today I tell you a little trick, I am not here to say not practice fake, I was certified skills. Stop nagging, let's get to the point.

First of all you have to find a search engine indexed, search engine snapshots update the high speed of the site, it is best to take snapshots every day, in addition this station PR best also above 3, preferably PR4. If you do not have such a station, or even the friends around you do not have such a station, then you do not have to look, it is regrettable.

Next, you add a text link to this station, preferably in the upper left part of the homepage (search engine spider is from top to bottom, from left to right in order to climb, the top left corner is the spider's favorite place, if there is no way to add the upper left, it is at the bottom of the navigation, put the first place in the friendship link is also the best places. Remember that if you have words, don't forget to add a description of the link text. A day on the link is enough.

If you don't understand, I would like to say: Also take this station, I was in a collection of good, search engine snapshots Fast PR5 station (is fun nets) direct links to the navigation bar, and because it is fun net itself is to introduce creative, so our content is relatively relevant. I directly wrote the words "Happy play clan", I was 9 o'clock night Plus, after a night, the next day found by Baidu included.

How is not very exciting, echocardiography then try it, you are sure to give you an unexpected surprise! Ladies and gentlemen, this is reader today, if you like, write to me right, don't forget to sell the new station Then take this station to do promotion examples.

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