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A lot of friends asked, SEO to choose what keyword to achieve the effect, only a lot of the so-called Seoke published the relevant article said not to choose too hot keyword, the following published my opinion

Don't believe

Those keywords are hot, but also an individual can see, each site wants to optimize those keywords, you a new station, what you and others competition, and prove that keyword is not necessarily the hottest, a lot of keyword Baidu did not list out.

Second, do not be afraid to do hot keyword

Many articles have said that this keyword is how hot, how hot, novice do not do, I do not agree, if this and dare not, you also SEO what, what is the SEO representative, on behalf of you to be a website step down, so just call success, SEO itself is full of competition, if afraid of this fear that, that also do what SEO , the fact can prove, not to say that the hot key words do not go up, "potatoes" Enough hot bar, "Tudou" enough hot, it is not done up, the fact that I read the article

Iii. Innovative Keywords

This is the highest level of SEO, can find some Baidu search is very high, but others have not found the word, someone asked, this word still, some, see you find it, I have a Baidu index in more than 180,000 of the keywords, but this keyword has not been widely known, the competition is very low, If you really want to improve yourself, think more, more experiments, such side for SEO the highest realm

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Analysis so-called "super seo"

Comment on's reply to some friends

Seoke, please be humble, SEO is nonsense

And then respond to the seoke question again.

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