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SEO Top tips: Search engine ping Service

I tidy up some practical things, dare not to keep, share with you:

1. What is ping service?

Ping Service, also known as the Update Notification service, is a search engine to discover the blog updates a way.

2. What are the benefits of ping services?

So that the search engine can be faster, more comprehensive collection of blog posts. After receiving the ping, the search engine will crawl the corresponding blog in the shortest time.

3. How to use ping service?

A. Manual ping Service:

When posting a blog post, submit a blog RSS feed to the Manual Ping service page provided by the search engine.

To ping a service address manually:

Google manual ping Address:

Iask Manual ping Address:

Qihoo Manual ping Address:

Feedsky Manual ping Address:

B. Auto Ping Service:

Whenever a blog post is published, the program automatically sends a PING notification to the search engine that provides the automatic ping service, so there is no need to manually submit updates to the search engine. Microsoft's Offline Blog authoring tool, Windows Live Writer, supports automatic ping services, and some mainstream blogging programs, such as WordPress, also support automatic ping services.

Ping server address

Here is the ping server address I collected from the Internet









My joke net picture net

C. Use of web services such as Pingoat

Pingoat ( This is a good service, it can help bloggers to their own blog one-time ping to a large number of blog search engine, including our common Technorati, icerocket and so on, At present, there is no domestic blog search engine is included in the Ping, by clicking on the category title can be selected under the category of all search engines.

In addition to the ping feature, Pingoat provides several useful services:

1. Search engine catch worm mould like tool.

2. Google Sitemap Builder.

3, anti-spam generator.

4, Blog value query tool.

5, Web page keyword analysis tool.

In addition, there is a ipings ( site is also a similar service, but it provides a blog search engine than pingoat less.

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