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Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall

Chushda (726399) 20:04:35

Hello, I am Qiu-shi, I am very glad to be able to communicate with you this way tonight.

I like to play impromptu, so wait for a slow typing, please forgive me. (Part of the content, the framework is that I have already played the good)

Chushda (726399) 20:05:32

Tonight, there are three main aspects. Although the previous notice is two aspects, but I want to put the most important point first, that is, thinking.

Chushda (726399) 20:05:51

Some time ago my SEO information station was down the right, I added in the title of the website "SEO is the most important idea and mentality." Indeed, the beginner SEO may feel that the SEO technology is very important, but too biased technology, it is easy to blindly pay attention to some technical details, such as a page in the key word density is good, the key word to fill a few effects better.

Chushda (726399) 20:06:03

In fact, the idea is more important, as long as the overall thinking is correct, a small range of technical errors do not affect the whole.

Chushda (726399) 20:06:15

In fact, many people learn a period of time after SEO will find that the technical content of SEO is not high. So, in addition to technology, SEO more important is what?

Chushda (726399) 20:06:42

I think it should be experience. SEO uncontrollable factors too much, no one who is willing to guarantee that you can complete an SEO project.

Chushda (726399) 20:06:58

But some experience of predecessors, but can give posterity some reference. I am not a predecessor, but the following share some of the experience, I hope you can bring some help (I mainly study Baidu, so these skills may be more obvious effect on Baidu):

Chushda (726399) 20:07:58

Originally planned to talk about the first part of the site is the SEO process.

Chushda (726399) 20:08:29

In fact, for most of the owners of the group, you probably don't need this stuff. But I think it is necessary to list these.

Chushda (726399) 20:09:05

A relatively large site SEO process, assuming that it will take a year to complete. This can be divided into the following four phases:

Chushda (726399) 20:09:26

The first stage is the preparation period, mainly to complete the following three tasks:

Site Analysis---form site Analysis report

Competitor Analysis---Formation of competitor analysis reports

Strategic policy determination and the agency---Preliminary completion of SEO implementation plan.

Chushda (726399) 20:10:30

For personal webmaster, these three points are very important. But we don't need to report it. Most people analyze their websites, compare their websites, and start modifying them.

Chushda (726399) 20:10:56

If you change it, you may find that some places are not quite right. So, change. So repeated, resulting in a change than the effect of the change is worse.

Chushda (726399) 20:11:39

It is important to define the strategic approach and the department. The same is the case for personal websites. Spend more time to analyze, read today, see tomorrow, may have new problems appear.

Chushda (726399) 20:12:13

So long not to change it, also do not care to spend more time to find problems. All the factors unfavorable to SEO find out, and then step-by-go to modify.

Chushda (726399) 20:12:44

In the context of the strategic programme, this principle is followed:

First treatment of internal injuries, and then optimize the external.

Chushda (726399) 20:13:28

Many of our webmaster, in their own site to rectify the time, are desperately to find outside the chain. In fact, the internal problems are a lot of circumstances, it is inappropriate to add too many outside the chain, because it is likely that these outside the chain are wasted.

Chushda (726399) 20:14:48

The second stage I call it prophase, the first stage is the preparation period.

After collecting the sufficient materials, we can start the early work. This time will probably last for 1-2 months.

Chushda (726399) 20:14:57

The main tasks of this phase are as follows:

Keywords analysis, mining---form key Words Analysis report and plan

Search Engine Friendly---write site modification proposal

Content Enhancement---Information channel establishment, training for editorial team

Internal Optimization---URL optimization, all levels of page div refactoring, keyword layout, directory logic structure adjustment, JS optimization, feature page construction.

Chushda (726399) 20:16:03

This phase of the internal optimization, is particularly important, but also with the webmaster in the most relevant. I will focus on the second part of the content.

Skip here first

Chushda (726399) 20:16:35

The third stage is the medium term. The medium-term span will be longer and may take about 5-6 months.

Chushda (726399) 20:16:53

The main tasks of this period are:

External optimization---Outside chain support and rule making, resource Station group planning, catalogue overall adjustment, blog Group Building operation

Chushda (726399) 20:17:28

Similarly, external optimization for personal webmaster is also very important, here is only to mention, in the following content will be highlighted.

Chushda (726399) 20:17:49

The stage four is late. The latter is about 2-3 months. In this way, the four phases add up, just a year or so.

Chushda (726399) 20:18:06

Later work, mainly have the following:

Analysis and Observation---user search behavior analysis, keyword effect evaluation, search engine performance observation, conversion rate analysis and evaluation, search engine occupancy analysis, site behavior analysis, UE analysis and modification, competitor analysis and monitoring, Resource Station Group promotion, dialogue SE

Chushda (726399) 20:18:55

In fact, if it is to help some medium and large sites to do optimization. Later is very important, there is no effect, how the effect, need to rely on the latter series of factors to be evaluated.

Chushda (726399) 20:20:31

The above process is a large framework. Personal webmaster in the operation of personal website, you can skip some steps, but the general direction is unchanged.

In terms of time, personal site optimization, the process can be compressed to 3-5 months.

Chushda (726399) 20:21:11

The above content is no longer in-depth introduction, just as a framework, so that SEO beginners know that there are many things to learn, but also hope to some want to SEO process, standardized friends some reference.

Chushda (726399) 20:21:59

After reading these things, perhaps many friends will change their previous ideas: SEO just change the title, heap keywords, plus outside the chain.

Chushda (726399) 20:22:18

If you still hold the idea, in this year's big environment, maybe your station is really not so good to do.

Chushda (726399) 20:22:55

Why put these darker things in front of you? Maybe some friends just contact SEO will feel a little empty, because many words of the concept may not be clear.

Chushda (726399) 20:23:53

I began to learn SEO at the end of 06. In the beginning, like many beginners, ask people everywhere, hope someone to teach.

Chushda (726399) 20:24:59

At that time, SEO did not fire like now. Learning is also more difficult, after looking for a period of time without door, I dismissed the idea of finding someone to teach. Learn by yourself and read first. Look for some basic primer books and have a general idea.

If a friend has not read this book, suggest to look for some.


I have a list of six books here, let's pick one or two. There should be a more systematic concept.

Chushda (726399) 20:26:39

Remember, the first step in learning SEO is to learn to get along with the search engine. Learn to use them. All search engines find, do not ask people.

Chushda (726399) 20:27:11

If there will be someone to ask what is UE, what is SERP and so on. Then I reckon that this person's learning effect will be more general.

Chushda (726399) 20:28:09

Common sense things, Baidu a bit;

Last year I talked to a lot of my friends, but really can do, or very little.

Chushda (726399) 20:28:43

If you can retrieve the empirical stuff from the search engine as a common sense, your progress will be very swift.

Chushda (726399) 20:29:20

Most importantly, by using the search engine frequently. You will be able to understand the user search behavior more clearly before you know how they are searching for something.

Chushda (726399) 20:29:38

Let me give you an example. At the beginning of the 08, the most fire was the pornographic incident.

Chushda (726399) 20:30:15

Once read an article in ADMIN5, said that can find in 10 minutes pornographic photos and video of the exact download address of the people in the world not more than how many.

Chushda (726399) 20:30:46

I tried it after reading it, and I found the download address in 10 seconds.

Chushda (726399) 20:31:16

Retrieving Cgx.rar directly in search engines

In the first place is a free network hard disk file extraction address.

Chushda (726399) 20:31:53

True old netizens all know, search what "Edison Chen Yan Yan door" Certainly cannot find the photo of the series of photos.

Chushda (726399) 20:32:25

Cgx.rar's search results were very small.

Chushda (726399) 20:33:01

I know that period of time a lot of webmaster are in the hair of the wealth of the door, the flow of large.

Chushda (726399) 20:33:38

In fact, if you catch the word cgx.rar to do some article, first of all, the word ranked first, the difficulty is very low.

Chushda (726399) 20:34:25

Then write one or two articles to tell you how to really find the pornographic address. I think, this article reprint rate is not low to where.

Chushda (726399) 20:35:04

As for whether you are really going to put the photos on, it is another matter. Here I just give an example to tell you that traffic can be done in a different way.

Chushda (726399) 20:35:30

With this example, I'll talk about keyword mining. Don't talk about it later.

Chushda (726399) 20:35:49

Generally, we are using Baidu related search.

Chushda (726399) 20:36:08

For example, we know the word cgx.rar a lot of people search. Well, what about the rest?

Chushda (726399) 20:37:02

At that time I searched the relevant search for a RAR in the word, related search appeared a lot of similar words like Cgx800.rar.

Chushda (726399) 20:38:12

50,000 cars under 50,000 or so cars under 50,000 cars under 50,000 car 50,000 or so

50,000 cars within 50,000 vehicles 5级万 Lingshi Tianlong Bashan 5

Strange, but easy to understand? I don't know about cars, I want to buy a car, about 100,000.

The quickest way is to Baidu search, 100,000 of the car

Chushda (726399) 20:39:10

100,000 Yuan car, see, is not the same phenomenon?

Chushda (726399) 20:39:32

And so on, the real estate industry, there will be "Shenzhen Longgang about 500,000 of the room" such a word?

Chushda (726399) 20:40:07

Such a word, there will be no real estate site to do it, but what is the conversion rate? I don't think I should go on.

Chushda (726399) 20:40:33

This is the first way, through some of the search engine related search, get some different promotional ideas, locking user groups.

Chushda (726399) 20:40:50

The second way, the direct use of other people's achievements to dig words.

Chushda (726399) 20:41:41

If I ask everyone, stationmaster world who do flow the easiest to do? Perhaps many people will cite some to do the flow of the master

Chushda (726399) 20:42:12

But if you want me to say. I say arjunolic or punk is the easiest thing to do.

Chushda (726399) 20:42:28

51, Cnzz has a lot of web traffic data.

Chushda (726399) 20:42:58

All of our keywords data, they all have. There are n many low competitive, high search words.

Chushda (726399) 20:43:11

But how do we get the data?

Chushda (726399) 20:43:33

Look at this stuff.

Chushda (726399) 20:44:10

51 There are more than N Web site is completely open traffic. (If you find this useless after class, don't blame me)

Chushda (726399) 20:44:42

I've been here to find n many less competitive words like " free mailbox".

Chushda (726399) 20:45:26

On the keyword mining, the first ending.

Below comes the focus today: internal optimization and external optimization.

Chushda (726399) 20:46:31

1. Internal optimization


B, URL and directory structure

C, keyword layout

D, JS optimization

E, Topic page


G, information channel (Enterprise station +zblog)

H, page code layer optimization

User 1917208 has been invited by the Administrator (316290906) to join the group.

Chushda (726399) 20:47:16


Generally we only focus on three: TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION

Chushda (726399) 20:47:16


Generally we only focus on three: TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION

Chushda (726399) 20:48:21

As far as title is concerned, the most likely problem with personal websites is piling up keywords. such as the title:

SEO Training-seo Tutorials-seo Tools-seo Forum-seo Information

Chushda (726399) 20:49:19

In fact, a certain content of the site, traffic is not on the home page. The home page is just a marker of the role of the theme.

SEO Data Station-seo The most important thing is thinking, mentality and making money

Chushda (726399) 20:50:49

This title, OK. Of course, if you want to use the home page to do rankings, it can be combined with the next participle.

For example: SEO information station-Provide SEO tools, tutorials, materials, training

Like this, the effect is more secure than if you put each word in a circle.

Chushda (726399) 20:51:19

KEYWORDS, the label now works pretty small, almost negligible. If you really want to set, two or three is enough.

Chushda (726399) 20:51:45


This seems to me to be more important, because Google is still fully indexed Descripton

Chushda (726399) 20:52:47

As we all know, the best description are defined by themselves. But many webmaster uses are other people's source code, the program itself does not support the custom description.

Chushda (726399) 20:53:10

In this case, we can use the following two ways to replace:

Chushda (726399) 20:54:09

One is directly called the first paragraph of the content of the article, 100 words can be, and the second is to call the title, but add some custom words.

Chushda (726399) 20:54:43

For example, "This is XX station about (call the title) aspect content, hope you like" this kind of collocation comes directly as description

Chushda (726399) 20:55:17

If you can't customize the description, simply don't set it up. The entire page is a title, and no other labels are added.

B, URL, directory, domain name.

Chushda (726399) 20:56:21

So far, most of the sites that have consulted my friends have two questions:

One is too many URL dynamic parameters, unfavorable crawl, the second is static page directory too deep.

Chushda (726399) 20:57:45

There are a lot of things like this or more. Such a path, at present, the search engine is not unable to crawl, but relatively static pages, not so obvious effect.

Chushda (726399) 20:58:34

Instead of waiting for search engine improvement to crawl your dynamic pages of these parameters too much, as we welcome its good, first to do their own station static.

Chushda (726399) 20:58:47

OK, that static is done. Some other problems have been encountered.

Chushda (726399) 20:59:35

For example, we use the Dede program, your article may be such a directory:

Chushda (726399) 21:01:40

If the content is too much for easy management

Such a format is already similar, should not be deep.

Chushda (726399) 21:02:32

As for the domain name, many people are discussing the phonetic domain name has the effect.

I did a little experiment last month.

Chushda (726399) 21:03:20

The first site,

I just changed the template. Before the page you can look at the snapshot

Chushda (726399) 21:04:22

Just a picture with two lines of words.

But the domain name has the natural superiority, did not do what outside the chain the case. As long as included, the ranking is not bad.

At present this page, 100 IP per day, but can bring more than 10 telephone, peak time over 20 telephone. Chushda (726399) 21:05:27

For some relatively unpopular words, use this method to do, still can. Here's a little bit more about URLs.

Chushda (726399) 21:06:13

Included only one page is normal, because this station is only one page of the whole station. Now that this friend mentioned this, by the way, the next single page optimization bar.

Chushda (726399) 21:06:34


You can open a third site to see.

Chushda (726399) 21:07:06

The title of this page, ADMIN5 friend should be no stranger. The Hundred Olympic Valley competition.

Chushda (726399) 21:07:52

At first I built this page, only to support the Big Bird, because he consulted me before the game, what words to use as a contest word. This is also the word he came up with, I personally think the rice is good.

Chushda (726399) 21:08:31

But as soon as the game is over, the station may be useless. Many people may want to change after the end, but not necessarily every station can be transformed successfully. Transition to more extreme, may stand directly by K.

Chushda (726399) 21:09:15

Like this single page station, how to optimize, a lot of people have consulted me. My previous 163 mailbox page, is a single page, then published Tudou case, the highest day IP up to fifty thousand or sixty thousand, is also a single page.

Chushda (726399) 21:09:23

Do this kind of station I think the most important is the mentality.

Chushda (726399) 21:10:29

Baidu does not accept you, do not scold it. What's the reason for you to have a page like this? It's a spam page. Mind put peace point, willing to collect, refused to accept, put. I'll keep it for two years.

Chushda (726399) 21:11:32

C, keyword layout

Quite coincidentally, to talk about the layout of the key words just can be with a single page optimization on the track.

Chushda (726399) 21:11:44

Keywords layout, speaking two kinds.

Chushda (726399) 21:12:43

One is a single page of the station, such a station is a typical garbage station. Limited position, how to put the key words and relatively natural appearance, is the key.

Chushda (726399) 21:13:58

It is difficult to define what it is to call nature. This can only be understood by everyone, I can not tell you how to do it in detail. Can only say, a single page of the station, do Baidu, as long as included, outside the chain is no longer the focus.

Exaggerate a little, title, description, the keyword layout of the page can directly determine the keyword in Baidu rankings.

Chushda (726399) 21:13:58

It is difficult to define what it is to call nature. This can only be understood by everyone, I can not tell you how to do it in detail. Can only say, a single page of the station, do Baidu, as long as included, outside the chain is no longer the focus.

Exaggerate a little, title, description, the keyword layout of the page can directly determine the keyword in Baidu rankings.

Chushda (726399) 21:15:31

We all know why we should particularly emphasize the supply of third parties. If the content of the site is published by the webmaster themselves, it is easy to control. Title to How to write, the article to how false original, General webmaster know.

Chushda (726399) 21:15:56

But what if the content is published by the user? You can not be training for each user, you can not reprint other people's articles, to change the hair, the title can not more than how many words ... These are unrealistic.

Chushda (726399) 21:16:16

The best way to do this is to adjust the density and layout of the keywords by controlling the template.

Chushda (726399) 21:18:09

Regardless of what the user publishes, its article title can naturally appear two or three times in this page. How to achieve it?

Each has its own way, for example, I put a warm tip on the top left "you are browsing about XXX" (XXX can call the title, you can also invoke keywords); The comments below can be added as "comments on XXX", or an "article related to XX" and so on. Remember, when you really decide to do this, how to make it happen naturally is the key.

Chushda (726399) 21:19:42

D, JS optimization

The head of the page code is full of many Java code, this problem many websites exist. I'm not very good with the code, so this is just a little bit, not detailed.

In general, however, you can replace the JS code with a code similar to the following:

Chushda (726399) 21:20:09

Put the code in main. JS this file, and then use the above code in the page to call.

Chushda (726399) 21:21:52

If Baidu does not understand JS, that better. As a result, it captures all valid text messages, and the code that may cause information distortion is filtered out, but the user side effect does not affect it.

Chushda (726399) 21:22:34

Above four points, if your site also has the same problem, you can go ahead to modify. In my opinion, these are basic and must be changed.

Chushda (726399) 21:23:00

Here are four points to add to the icing on the cake. Can not do, but the effect will be better.

Chushda (726399) 21:23:41

E, Topic page

The general personal website is not very attached to the topic page, but actually. A good topic, it is entirely possible to replace some of the portal rankings. Time relationship, in this does not do detailed introduction.

Chushda (726399) 21:24:02


In my opinion, tags is the best weapon to rape Baidu.

Chushda (726399) 21:24:49

People may find that many of the portal traffic is relying on tags to come. With tags to form a similar search results page, such a page ranking is quite favorable

Chushda (726399) 21:25:06

For instance.

Http:// &ct=0

Chushda (726399) 21:26:56

Days in Hebei, the rankings 1, 2, 3 are all a search results page.

Tags formed by the search results page is easily indexed by Baidu and the rankings will not be too low. Have the use of Zblog friends will find the use of Zblog build station, is included in many of the pages are tags, the real page contains very little.

Chushda (726399) 21:27:45

In fact, these tags formed a page for the search engine is a very lethal temptation. Because it's almost unique in the search engine database, no page is exactly the same as it is.

Chushda (726399) 21:28:04

G, information channel (Enterprise station +zblog)

For only a few pages of the enterprise station, with a better optimized CMS as the information channel supplement is very often. Recommended wordpress,asp for PHP zblog or kingcms.

Chushda (726399) 21:28:36

Now a lot of friends will be more or less to take some of the list, to help enterprise products to do rankings.

Chushda (726399) 21:28:50

But this kind of site, there is often a problem: less content, bad update.

Chushda (726399) 21:29:26

In the original site to modify the basis of the addition of a small CMS as an information channel, the effect is relatively good. You can try this one.

Chushda (726399) 21:29:58

For example, this domain name was established in March this year. Use the Zblog to build, the chain is not many. But the subject of EMS in Baidu ranked also good, entered the top five. Every day also has about 1000 IP, received the consultation telephone also many.

Chushda (726399) 21:30:58

H, page Code layer optimization (this is the Blue Cedar team, Wang Ping, financial, the network Marketing Director of the proposed)

This part of the content please give us a talk, do not applaud, hehe.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:31:28

Well, I'll take over first.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:31:47

For the page code layer problem I basically say the site's Terminal page

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:32:15

Many people often ask me why the articles you reprinted are in front of the starters.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:32:35

Of course, this factor has a lot, including the weight of the overall site

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:32:47

But I'd rather use a code-level question to explain it.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:33:19

Now many people use Css+div to build their own site

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:33:36

In fact, I think we as SEO, the key is to put all the technical details fully play

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:33:46

Why do you say css+div?

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:34:11

What I want to tell you is that when we make the site page, we should fully, correctly, maximize the use of css+div.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:34:17

Using Css+div to reconstruct Web pages has 4 distinct advantages over the traditional table layout:

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:34:28

A, performance and content separation: The design part is stripped out and placed in a stand-alone style file with only textual information in the HTML file.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:34:56

b, to improve the search engine indexing efficiency of the Web page: using only the structured content of HTML instead of nested tags, search engines will be more efficient search of your Web content, and may give you a higher rating.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:35:24

In fact, the simple point is: Do not change the visual effects of the situation to change the level of the code, the most core things to the top, so that spiders first crawl, and what is the evaluation? Oh ~ is what we are more interested in, ranking

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:35:39

What does ranking mean? Flow ~ the rest of it, I don't have to explain.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:35:54

C, is a small number of code, is the traditional code of Practice One-second

I believe this is something that everyone knows.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:36:13

D, easy to change, Css+div site you just need to modify the framework of CSS changes to the site structure can be modified ~

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:36:22

Let's look at a picture ·

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:36:47

This is my company training materials in the picture ~ hehe

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:37:03

Generally we build websites in this code order to make or traffic

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:37:28

A: Navigation

B: Ribbon

C: Content Area

D: Bottom of page

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:39:50

Just to be brief.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:40:03

We change the level of code by modifying CSS

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:40:14

Put the text of the content area on top of the code

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:40:20

What does this cause?

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:40:37

1, similar page reduction

We do stand not stupid to an article sent N times ~

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:41:48

2, the crawler's understanding of the page

We have been through a lot of experiments to prove that the first 200 lines of crawler code more value

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:42:10

So we do this means that the most important and core of the page is given to the spider.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:42:20

Then our page reading rate will reach the highest

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:43:10

Good ~ above I said a small technical details, in fact, in our portal SEO operations, there are a large number of such details to be noted

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:44:12

Finally, thanks for giving me this opportunity to communicate with you, hehe ~ also welcome everyone to ask questions Posted in webmaster Net ~ I will answer for you ~

Yes, thanks, mound and hadron.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:44:14

Go ahead, Hill.

Xuan Yuan Yang (51611065) 21:43:32

Plus the content of the site's importance, to form the weight of a large site

Chushda (726399) 21:44:59

Well, thank you. Internal optimization This piece of the ending, the following simple with external optimization.

Chushda (726399) 21:45:11

2. External optimization:

A, Link strategy

B, Station Group

C, blog Group Building

Chushda (726399) 21:45:37

A, link strategy.

It is recommended to use one-way links.

Chushda (726399) 21:46:02

Two methods have one-way links:

One is to establish their own station group, blog, forum signature and other means.

Chushda (726399) 21:46:50

In this way to establish a reverse single chain to note that the use of keywords including long tail keyword to do as anchor text, the effect is much better than a single anchor text link.

Chushda (726399) 21:47:24

For example, I do SEO this word, that my one-way link anchor text can use the "SEO information", "SEO tutorial", "SEO tools" or even "Qiu Shi Tatsu" and so on.

Chushda (726399) 21:48:03

The advantage of doing so is that these outside the chain is more natural, all outside the chain are unified anchor text, is obviously artificial operation.

Chushda (726399) 21:48:39

Use different words to chain, more like voting, more natural. Man-made illusion: Many people like this station, in the vote for this station.

Chushda (726399) 21:48:50

The other is the strategic exchange in the exchange of links.

A station chain of each other's B station, let B station chain their own C station, the disadvantage is not easy to post monitoring; A station and B station single pair of links, but also useful to each other separate link pages linked to each other's home page, exchange links when the time difference, let the other party to do your link, the second week to him plus.

Chushda (726399) 21:49:58

For example, the in the exchange of links, is the use of the third mentioned above. But this method is not every station can be done, generally more than a good station can be such a son. I will tell you that I need to add a link to the above batch, once a week, next week to you add. Willing to chain, is your business.

Chushda (726399) 21:50:14

B, Station Group

The biggest difficulty of the station group is not the establishment, but the maintenance. Suppose there are 20 stations, each station updated 10 messages a day, are exhausted. Each station and station should have unique information.

Chushda (726399) 21:50:52

For the station group, no doubt, the effect is quite obvious. Even if do not do what optimization, from the probability, dozens of stand together, also have one or two luck better, enter the first page.

Chushda (726399) 21:51:18

Here I do not share what station group practice, just put forward two thinking.

Chushda (726399) 21:51:57

I gave a package of a single page as a case, in fact, for the station group when do bedding. If we use 20 single page or less page of the station to do the station group?

Chushda (726399) 21:52:47

20 single page station, compared to the ordinary station group, has two advantages:

One is easy to maintain, even can say that do not need maintenance;

Chushda (726399) 21:54:14

The second thought is about the cost of the station group. A space of 100 dollars a year, 20 also need 2000 yuan. How to reduce costs?

Chushda (726399) 21:55:13

Personally feel that you can use the swap space to achieve, applicable to the server rental or own server users.

20 servers, composed of a small alliance, I opened 20 stations in my server, but got 20 different IP space. This point, interested friends can also try to do it.

Chushda (726399) 21:56:32

C, blog Group Building

This is almost the tool currently used by most seoer.

Chushda (726399) 21:57:08

But most people are using group-building tools to operate, and the initial effect may be. But with the increase of the use of people, the effect is more and more inconspicuous.

Chushda (726399) 21:57:21

In fact, I am more inclined to artificially raise the bo.

Chushda (726399) 21:58:00

Spend a bit of energy, cultivate 20 newer high frequency, weight can also blog, than you build station group effect may be more obvious.

Chushda (726399) 21:59:02

But in the operation, do not suddenly in these blogs are desperately to add links. Slowly raise, properly in an article with one or two links, not more, one or two is enough.

Chushda (726399) 21:59:29

including in the mass of the same time, to have a strategy.

Chushda (726399) 22:01:04

For example, I am today in their own station to send an article, the next day I will be in 20 artificial blog, the third day I will mass 400 sites ... In the form of waves, this way, the first article published the site has formed a stone-like point of effect, water waves from here began to push out.

Chushda (726399) 22:01:39

With good luck, the weight of the station was soon beaten up. Because it has influence, any article can cause so many "nature" of the reprint.

Chushda (726399) 22:03:39

Well, it's almost time. Tonight's about the content is so much, I hope to help. Feel a harvest of friends, can send a link to me, HOHO.

The name of the link can be taken by anyone. Site This period of time is down the right, hope that with the help of everyone can be saved back. Thank you

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