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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. For SEO diagnosis, has been my insistence on a work, because of SEO diagnosis, diagnosis is the site of the past and present morbid, and then through the diagnosis to find the optimization of the direction of the site, this is the charm of SEO diagnosis, like a physician, to find the cause of the patient, and prescribe a reasonable prescription, quickly cured his disease. In recent time, SEO session can be a piece of sorrow, because Baidu has been the largest ever in the history of K station, a considerable part of webmaster hands on the site are down right or by K, of course, this is to quickly learn SEO optimization diagnostic knowledge of friends, these typical sites is a relatively good opportunity.

Yesterday in the group shouted a few words, let group friends to several typical cases, my side to do a simple analysis, help them to analyze the same time they also learn some knowledge, this is my learning and upgrade their own SEO a method, today, a specific case to do a simple analysis of the site because the server downtime caused by K, Hope to find a solution.

Site is K background:, local wine network of a two-level domain name, before the weight of the site has been done 3, the site performance is better, July 29 morning, the server has a half hour problem: downtime, in the technical staff quickly resolved, the server quickly restore stability, But the site that night was K home, the next day page included all hair, but see Baidu statistics on the site index of more than 4,000.

The site was K directly after Baidu did not find a screenshot of the URL:


Baidu did not find a screenshot of the URL

In front of us know that Baidu mentioned site instructions are not accurate, Baidu also suggested that you use Baidu Webmaster tools to view the site included, the following is the data Baidu statistics, you can clearly see that Baidu did not completely delete the site index, Only in 7.29 days there is a certain index reduction, so from here to see Baidu should not be punished for the site, the possible reason is that the server downtime is too long, this time Baidu spider just crawl more frequently, resulting in Baidu spider site for inspection.


Index of the site after K

Because the Web site's server log log was lost at the time the server was resolved, log logs have been a problem in recent days, and in the initial setting of the server log statistics, there is no consideration of the search engine spiders to distinguish the movements of statistics, so the results are analyzed by the spider as a user to carry out. The pages that grab the various statuses are:

200 page hits 113206 accounts for 85.173%

304 page hits 9199 accounts for 6.921%

404 page hits 8981 accounts for 6.757%

302 Page hits 812 accounts for 0.611%

301 Page Hits 425 accounts for 0.32%

403 page hits 179 accounts for 0.135%

400 page hits 76 accounts for 0.057%

206 Page hits 26 accounts for 0.02%

500 page hits 8 accounts for 0.006%

From these status codes can be seen, the overall site is still relatively good, but the proportion of error access to the page is still relatively large, you can check to see where the error page appears, and then set up to guide spiders and users to the correct page. Check the error 404 page, local wine network to take the measure is set up 404 pages, but also more beautiful, and then to facilitate the user's 301 jump, jump page as follows:


Website 404 page

If you are concerned about the impact of 404 pages on the SEO, you will know that too much of the 301 jump, especially directly to the home page will be the search engine spiders have a certain impact on the crawl, and sometimes jump too fast will let spiders mistakenly think that the homepage is also a wrong page, observation found seowhy, A5, such as better sites are not to do jump, but to return to the user's Guide link, of course, the local wine network belongs to the mall class site, the need for more service users, so looking for some of the consumer mall to do tests, such as Zhongguancun, you will also find that they have made a jump However, it is worth noting that the jump time interval slightly longer, generally around 5 seconds, and 404 error pages are fully utilized to do the recommended products and link Navigation Guide.

Diagnosis conclusion: Through the above several aspects of the simple analysis, simple speculation is that the site should not be Baidu K station, K station is also a "false k" state, the focus is to investigate the Web server has not recovered, before my blog space was attacked also appeared in a similar K station situation, back in one weeks within the recovery. Of course, the restoration of the basic work can not be stopped, such as high-quality outside the chain to guide spiders to crawl the site, original content to attract spiders index, such as the previous view of the site index volume since July 291 straight are in decline, this needs attention.

Second, there is a problem in the server, or the site moved to change space, when the Web page can not open, do not immediately return 404, the proposed use of 503 status, told the search engine spider this page temporarily inaccessible, please try again after a period of time. Because the local wine net before this column performance is better, included also relatively good, then get the search engine spider crawl volume is also relatively large, and Baidu for server downtime problem response is also more sensitive, set 503, so you can minimize the occurrence of k situation.

This article by the Xu Zi Rain, gear box ( professional manufacturer of Zhejiang Oriental Machinery to provide, welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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