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With the continuous growth of Internet information, users in the ocean to find their own needs of information, the quickest way is through search engines, and gradually make users of the search engine has a large degree of dependence, so you can see the importance of SEO to the site.

But we in the reasonable optimization of the site, SEO, Ueo in the end which is more important? The screenshot below, you can give specific to everyone an answer!


We webmaster in doing site SEO, under normal circumstances are the search engine as the focus, and the user experience may be placed in the secondary position, the result is that webmaster feel that the site all aspects of the search engine is very friendly, but did not get a good ranking or search algorithm update, their own site has been a certain impact, The reason is that in the eyes of the search engine, its target is the user, the website user experience is not good, it will think these sites to the user value is very small or worthless.

In addition, we will find that the search engine algorithm every update to the user-centric, such as Baidu June 6.22 and 6.28 events, there are many webmaster's website by the Baidu algorithm this update the impact of this and dissatisfaction. But Baidu official explanation see the screenshot below, the webmaster will understand this update is designed to better improve the user experience.


Therefore, we webmaster in the future when doing site optimization, should be standing in the search engine angle to optimize the site, the site will be UEO optimization, on the basis of reasonable SEO optimization on the site, this is also to provide the site's user experience, while increasing the strength of the site's competition.

UEO related

UEO is the initials of the English User Experience optimization, translated into Chinese means: User experience optimization, that is, the user's point of view, reasonable to optimize the site such as improving the site function, operation, vision and other elements to make it more in line with the user's browsing or operation.

Personal views, welcome to criticize the guidance!

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