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Generally only know the design of the site people must be answered-"that also used to say, the content is not for people to see, to whom?" But SEO people will think that content is for search engines to see. Why? Because the search engine can't see it, the visitor can't see it.

In the tone of the visitor, the content is not immutable, and it changes with the person who views it. Less is less--the time of the visitor is precious. A sharp contrast can lead to something more important to a respectable visitor. Therefore, the task of the station master is not the production or management of Web pages, but the guidance and management of consciousness. If you guide their attention with respect for others and try to satisfy the needs of the guests, you create what can be called trumps.

But unfortunately, the search engine will not be guided by you. They only know the text on the page. Because the search engine cannot see the picture and the animation effect, therefore optimizes one station, actually is optimizes its text content, namely copy. In English, the text content of a Web page is called copy. We translate copy to "text" to show that "content" is essentially text--which is the most fundamental work in SEO.

Because people search for information through search engines, search engines only recommend your site to readers, and searchers can visit your site. But search engines have their own reading of your site and ranking criteria, that is, the algorithm, so the site content first to let search engines understand. That is to say: Our page is written to the search engine to see!

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