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Often in Baidu know can see everyone ask such a question: SEO is what? SEO key is what? whether novice or old webmaster, this question is very confusing. Want me to say SEO, also that sentence: seo what have, seo what not? Share your experience today.

What is SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of Search engine optimization, is the use of search engine rules to improve their site in the search engine rankings of a site optimization method. Why do you want to improve the rankings? Users who use search engines will choose the resources in the search engines that rank in the previous search. If your site does not have a good ranking in search engines, it is rare for people to patronize your site, so you will not be profitable. This is SEO.

Second, SEO everything has a keyword optimization

SEO optimization is the key to the choice of keywords, the choice of keywords to take into account the user's experience, as a user, if you go to search this site, you will choose what kind of keywords, in the user did not think of things themselves first. The title of the site of the key words in the weight is relatively large, so write a reasonable title, and title to brief and clear mainly, repeat the keyword not more than 3. Site keyword is your site's keywords, do not write, do not repeat too much, to be accurate, short, keyword and your site's content to match. Description is the site to describe the length of sentences to be reasonable, the sentence should be appropriate distribution of keywords.

Third, SEO has a link optimization

A website whether it is outside the chain, friendship links or the construction of the chain is very important. Search engines in the rankings are mainly the number of links to the site statistics and analysis, the highest weight outside the chain is the link in the soft text, to like A5,chinaz such a high weight of the site to cast, spiders crawl the possibility of large, link weight high. Links to find PR in 4 to 5 of the snapshot of new stations do, friendship links to do is quality rather than quantity. The construction of the chain can reduce the jump rate of the site, the construction of the chain is also an indispensable SEO.

Four, SEO what all have the website structure construction

Web site access log analysis is essential to optimize the site, through the analysis of site pages, know that those pages have been spiders crawled, crawl whether successful, so you can detect whether your optimization is consistent with the search engine rules, such as not meet the need to modify the optimization plan in time. The content of the site should be constantly updated, or the site update to have a frequency, content to be novel, to be able to help your members. So spiders will like your site more.

The stability of the site is also to be considered when the optimization, no one is willing to wait for your site to open, my site is ixwebhosting host, the site opened fast, but also independent of the IP. My English is not very good, found the Chinese site (, the stability of the site, good structure, new content, spiders are also frequent, the ranking of the site is not up?

Five, SEO what no

Whether it is a new SEO novice or veteran, do SEO the most important is a mentality, say nothing else. Do not because of the ranking of the joy, ranking down on the sad. Don't be too quick, not to start to think this to big, it is impossible, to start from the most basic, the beginning to learn and your site each member interaction, from their then you will understand what your site is missing, from where to improve. Do not pound the penny, is small to every day to the forum shui Paste, you also have to stick to do, sincere help others to solve the problem. Only in this way can others remember you. Do not loose fishing, do not finish today, SEO is required to do every day, even if your site is not updated today, you have to interact with other sites today, you can not retreat halfway. Keep a good attitude to do SEO, perhaps your site will do better.

This seems to be SEO really should be that sentence: seo what have, seo what not. Let's use a good mentality to face the change of the search engine.

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