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It happened between July 2012 and October. Before June I was in a medical company to do SEO, and then because the company to move to the northern city, I because of family reasons to stay in Guangzhou. Rest at home for a few days, on the internet to find dozens of SEO work of the company to cast resumes. have been waiting for news, a number of companies have to call me to interview, the last is not a low salary is not to eat and live, and some places are far to be transferred several trains. My goal is to work near my home and get home early. Do SEO know, spend too much time in the car above, every day to rush to go, really do not have the mood to work ah, serious sleep insufficiency.

That afternoon, a company's boss asked me to interview, an address, unexpectedly in the vicinity of the house. It's 10 minutes to walk. But the interview to his stall, immediately take the necessary materials, take the subway to his stall. He was in the vicinity of Wanda Square, and I got out of the subway and called him and told me to wait and say I was having dinner with a client. At KFC gate waited for nearly one hours, finally give me a call, asked me to his stall interview. His stall is not far from the square.


(Bowen Map, do not read)

As soon as I met him, I gave him a resume, and he looked around and asked a lot of questions, and I answered them all. Finally, he said he can work tomorrow? And then take his car back to the company, in fact, is strictly factory, mainly to do shampoo. The factory is about 10 employees, plus two clerks in the stall, a factory clerk, and so on.

Into his factory, he immediately showed me his website, I probably read the next, just the site is not good-looking, the key words are not, the station has not been K. He asked me how long I can do Baidu home page, I said to see the situation, three months to six months. And then I sat there talking about salary, he said that can only give 3000 yuan basic salary plus 2% commission, eat Live is a package, but I do not live without subsidies, the accommodation of the water and electricity is to pay their own, I certainly want to live at home, so this also did not demand, no subsidy is no subsidy it. Because I was in the factory before, eat the bitter you these college students are not experience. Do SEO also did the appearance of a year, so, people are very believe that things, and did not sign the contract, then use mobile phone recording a sound. PS: Guangzhou Many factories have no contract, want to sign also can't sign.

The next day to work, that is, July 10. He gave me a lot of shampoo name price list, want me to memorize the name and price of the above, it is best to recite, said he would like to spot checks. In addition, I arranged a position, the computer is the kind of white like a TV like the stupid guy, even on the line, found that the machine, the host to open up the memory, clean and then plug in, you can boot. But may put too long, the screen is also a glittering, the Colombian plateau to have myopia, if sits for a year, estimated must be blind. Plus the back-up price list, one day passed.

Go to work the next day, ask the boss to the website backstage and FTP these, he agreed, waited for several days did not give. About a week in the back price list, tidy up the data, register the blog, Forum, information platform, etc. No web site backstage these, can only do outside the chain, in Baidu, search platform to do the entry.

Half a month later, the boss to my website backstage and FTP, but unexpectedly not the first site, is another site. Domain name and start that is a difference between a number, but this site is K, there is no any included. The key word is "wash blow dye hot" in the middle with the star that marking. I asked him, how is not the site before, this site is what? He said, this is the 11 search for an SEO site, I gave that person one months 20,000, but only three months did not do. I asked why not, and he said the man had little money. I thought, on such a site one months can get 20,000, he still too little? And the site is to ask people to do, not he did, the key words can be set to get 20,000? I was very skeptical.

Asked the next SEO great God, said can be done. I have been doing it for half a month, I do not know whether to get paid. Daily original station article, hair quality outside the chain, tired into a dog, and finally 1 months on the rise, the station contains more than 200, the main keywords are on Baidu home page. Pay a salary, get hands on a number, unexpectedly only 2300 yuan. I asked him what was going on. He said probation. But we did not say that there is a probationary period ah, how to be a person can not be. No wonder that the 20,000 will go, it is estimated that 20,000, did not get 20,000. He said there must be 3000 next month, rest assured.

The second month is still the same, only 2300, this time he simply hid, said something to find his wife. At that time killed his heart all have, how can have such person. Spectators will certainly say, Lou Zhu Silly Ah, will not leave AH. I told you, have a wife and children, to take care of children, near home convenient. Originally want to bubble sister, really dare not conceal ah, otherwise write not go down. PS: Before work in the factory, borrowed two money to Hunan people, did not run. This boss is Hunan, of course not all Hunan bosses are like this, did not target Hunan meaning.

Why is there no commission? The website hangs a 53KF, the boss has been refusing to give me the account password, at that time thought, I lose this How to take orders? In September, to open a cosmetics trade fair, the boss asked me to help the stall, then I know that the man in the stall is his nephew, he kept driving 53KF, That means the single was picked up by his nephew.

Don't understand the boss, do not interfere with your good, meet the boss of the pretend you are even worse. Baidu entry can not add phone number, the boss said you add phone number ah, I have no language, Baidu is not my home open. and arranged a lot of things for me to do, and then said that during the fair, who opened a single who take commission. At that time to buy one to send one of the activities, said to buy a shampoo customers to open a good, I get the bag, the delivery of the luggage to me to take care of the work. It means I'll do my thing, I don't have your share of the bill.


After the exhibition back to the factory to work, the original factory clerk did not know what to go, no wages did not say anything. The customer's list was not beaten and asked me to help. Because the website on the right track, I also do not care, the power to help. Sometimes his wife would come and lay a single, when I was doing more. One afternoon, he whispered to his wife, to call the factory employees all to carry goods, not to carry out the goods are not allowed to eat, women also want. Then they came downstairs and went to the factory yard to have the goods moved.

I'll have dinner after class and then go home. The next day to work, the guard stopped not let in, ask the reason, said the boss fired you squid. What do I say? The doorman said you don't move the goods, after dinner still in the courtyard smiling, let other staff jealousy. I lost, thought, then the boss in the yard to my nod, I laugh how, do I cry?

Finally told the doorman, I can go to finish the salary first. The boss came in the afternoon, I went to his office, I said pay leave. He said, oh, I don't want you to go, just angry words. When I said that, the doorman brought my card up, and I said I must go. He has no way, say well, the website contract gives you a year, 500 yuan per month, a quarterly account. Think of him such a promise, deduct my wages, I want to vomit, finally I decisively agreed.

Take 3000 pieces decisively go, too pit. Thinking of himself so stupid, then smiled. It's okay to walk away or hang more. Write so much, just want to tell you, find a job must sign a contract, the best record a sound, protect their legitimate rights and interests is not too much.

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