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SEO you know what? The role of the classification in the station. Site classification by a lot of Seoer ignored its original intention and role! Today no 娽 to talk about the site in the classification of the important role in the website! Before this review of the site classification exists in the original intention, the site classification exists in order to allow users to more quickly and accurately find what they want, The most common on the number of Taobao site classification, its large and complex classification seems complicated but it makes it easy and accurate to find what we need. This is the original purpose of the classification in the station! Understand the original intention of the site search we will be based on the meaning of its existence and to be able to facilitate the user to find the site classification;

The first analysis of the user's cognitive power

is the classification of the site to be professional or simple to understand? This question does not depend on stationmaster, more does not depend on the leader! This problem completely depends on the user, access to the site and create revenue is the user, only they use the convenience of our website will have a good impression or return to visit or generate a transaction. This user's cognitive analysis is not able to find the answer in a day or two, it takes a long time to observe and constantly sum up the adjustment to adapt to the user's cognitive ability to carry out the classification design.

Second in-depth understanding of product or service characteristics

The old saying: the enemy and the win, only in-depth understanding of their products or services to be able to better display it to our users, user-friendly understanding. Even their own products do not know how to classify according to its characteristics? Not to mention the detailed introduction to facilitate the user to understand. So some people say that a competent SEO director life of the SEO career at most also dabble in three industries, want to understand an industry is needed time, do not understand how the industry can provide better products and services?

Third unilateral classification is inferior to diversity classification

The unilateral classification is only adapted to some users, no matter how detailed, and some users are still at a loss. Therefore, no 娽 suggested that the seoer should be classified as pluralistic. For example, Baidu "Ring Asia Tianyuan" We can see that it has two completely different site categories for users to choose from. Thin taste of this site's classification of why this design, why there are two completely different categories, when you can understand the meaning of it I believe that you distance to make a high-quality site classification not far away.

The fourth station classification three elements "fast, very, quasi"

The quickest way for users to find their needs, then we need to put the site classification in a very obvious position, accurate expression of the meaning of each category. Still use the above case "Huan Asia Tianyuan" This site, when as a user to log in this war at the first sight can be seen in the site classification of the location, this allows users to find the fastest need. Write some profiles within the categories that are necessary to facilitate user access.


Do the station classification is not wishful thinking, but a minority of obedience to the majority, in depth to understand the ego at the same time to analyze the needs of users and habits. It is necessary to make multiple classifications according to different users, and the classification must follow the three elements of "fast, very, quasi". To a simple and easy to understand the classification to guide users to find their needs can greatly improve the conversion rate of the site, and can give users a good impression! What are the good seoer waiting for?

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