Seoer, did you really fall in love with the search engine?

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Have seen A5 a 17842.html "> Big Brother wrote a blog post title is: SEO optimization is like and search engine love, read after, feel such a statement is very appropriate and vivid. According to this I think SEO experts are also in love with the expert.

Search engine is every site is very dependent on the marketing platform, especially for the new station, is essential, in the search engine every index has become a measure of the success of a website standards. In A5, push 18 Such marketing portal above has many about SEO technique article, for example, what SEO optimization 50, what SEO tips 10 ..., which reminds me of the internet above those "bubble women tips", the grassroots are all Shiru study, as if read it over, Can get the object of their favorite. (no culture, speak vulgar Point, hehe), finally finished, also do, or no effect ah ..., comrades, the path of revolution is still long.

The topic I'm going to talk about today is not how to pick up chicks, because I am not in love with the master, I want to say is why men to their own value, spend time to pick up the girls, why not spend time to enrich their own strength and so girls chasing us upside down, this is a sense of how fulfilling things. Doing SEO as well, we don't have to be overly flattering to her, because less of us she will not live moisture, take Baidu, webmaster often together to discuss when Baidu changed the algorithm, and what new features, and so on, want to know Baidu every move, comrades, so tired.

In the final analysis, Baidu and other search engines is a profit organization, he and the webmaster are interdependent, no matter how he changes, the ultimate goal is to provide users with more useful and accurate information, if he can not do, I guess he is also quickly wrong, through this essence, we know very clearly, We only provide users with more accurate and useful content, will certainly be able to get the search engine's favor, if he is not near me, is his loss. This is equivalent to say to their favorite object like what they should do is to enhance their own strength, rather than what crooked, blindly flattering.

Write to this I think of the "Black Hat" behavior, this behavior we can not say he did not use, this is able to temporarily blind search engine eyes, but once you are exposed to deception, she will mercilessly put you abandoned, naught, remorse mo and Ah! Speaking here, I summed up is: Do station SEO is like chasing girls, but to pay attention to the method , if it is blindly flattering or take some deception, it must not end well, do their own content, to achieve appearance and connotation

Are you afraid of failure?

SEO that still need? The answer is affirmative, is chasing girls close the door to blindly enhance the strength can be, not, or to come out in front of her a few, and she said, even eat, watching movies can. Webmaster, do your content, in order to everlasting love, need you silently for love to pay!


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