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Did a half year SEO, from a very mysterious SEO rookie to now have a certain experience of the seoer this is not very smooth, but also experienced a lot of futile efforts, now seems to be really a method of error. Today summed up the impact of SEO eight core factors, but also in the process of doing SEO to remind themselves. At the same time also hope that the SEO predecessors, have said the wrong place hope to be able to remind!

For SEO, many novice friends often stay in the content plus the level of the chain, in fact, this is far from enough! Perhaps we search on the internet on the SEO tutorials have "content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor" This sentence, but a lot of people put this sentence ha as the Supreme Truth, This also makes some of our friends to the understanding of SEO stay in this level-mercilessly do outside the chain, mercilessly update. OK, this is waiting for the ranking to improve it, but the results are often not satisfactory, for the small competition, the key words, may do the ranking is also very good, but for some of the competitive words we often fall into the helpless state, finally can return to the spirit of SEO-insist on up.

So what is a more comprehensive SEO? Let's take a look at these eight "core" factors that affect the rankings, and friends who are now in a state of desperation can compare their shortcomings. As long as we can put these eight core factors into the position of what can not go up?

First, server space factor.

The reason to put the server in the first place is because the server is the root of the network standing, leaving a good space on site optimization. The choice of space for the vast number of webmaster experience is very rich, the first consideration of stability, followed by the most important. I want to add here is the server's geographical issues, such as our target visitors in China and servers in the United States, so even if the speed is not slow will affect the search engine on the site's judgment, for the search engine is the primary consideration is the user, of course, more willing to put the user's local site in So you want to optimize the competitive word server will not consider using foreign.

Second, page composition factors.

Spiders do not have a sense of typesetting, spiders just crawl. If our site layout is very confusing, full of SWF, no description of the picture, Flash and other documents, then spiders can not grasp the things and how will give us a good impression of the site? For a very friendly SEO optimization site, the home page must be typesetting neat, clear structure. and the home page has given spiders a lot of information can be crawled, the site any part of the movement will be reflected to the home page, so that the spider to "eat a full".

Third, site content factors.

The first paragraph of the article we said the content of the king, outside the chain for the emperor, here first to say the content factor. Have you ever done rich, regular, continuous, fresh four points for content? Many personal webmaster may have done at the same time rich, regular, continuous these three points, but ignored the fresh. Search engine everywhere for the user to consider the problem, when users enter a keyword when a lot of web pages, but open content is uniform, that users will also believe that the search engine? Now most of the webmaster are using pseudo original way, this is the current mainstream, If we can on this basis every day even if a piece of original content will also have great benefit to the website optimization.

Borrow a word from the husband: SEO is the difficulty of the source of content, the evergreen is the return of users. We enrich the content of the site at the same time do not forget to develop the role of users, two-level directory forum or blog building can allow more users to participate in the site update and content-rich!

Fourth, the layout and density of keywords.

Our target keywords in the home page density of the vast majority of seoer are very clear, is generally 6% to 8% or so. But we often ignore the layout problem, including the author has once ignored the layout of the keywords, resulting in futile. Keyword distribution is best from left to right, from top to bottom evenly distributed, that is, the best keyword from the top left corner of the right corner arrangement, can not be stacked in a number of keywords, looks like a bunch of the same. This is the requirements of the home page, for the content of our article appears in the key words to do so, each section of the natural occurrence of keywords one to two times, the full text appeared 6 to 10 times, can not all heap in the first and last paragraph.

The next article will summarize the following four core factors: Title and meta tag design, domain and URL design, site link architecture factors, reverse link factors. My sign drop glue station, net thing like Wind QQ1272851429, Hope Ace give advice.

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