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Many times, we are still wandering, we still in an article in a circle, as if the world is so big, confused, helpless, full of our lives, long time ago, SEO in the executive power, every SEO need to adhere to, and constantly adhere to improve their skills, yes, when you are confused, When you're helpless, do you still insist on it, in fact, in this search market, as long as you find a market, you should try to go their own way, stick to it, there may be thorns in the road, but the more the past can have a flat road let you move forward, this article, Simply say how seoer in the search market to find their own SEO ocean bar.

1 Long Tail keyword market

I know the long tail keyword has been said very thoroughly, we all know the importance of the long tail keyword, but, many of them will be a site should strive to expand their long tail keyword range, do a good job of any long tail of the keyword, but you have thought about it, These keywords are derived from the long tail of the keyword itself, for example, a long tail has 1a,2a,3a, and so on, everyone knows it, but, if you only do 1a this long tail keyword market, with a master station to analyze the 1a market, rather than a market, Did you ever think about it?

In the movie website, we can often see that a lot of film and television sites are "action movies, love movies, science fiction movies" and so on the title, I hope that the flow of these keywords to improve the ranking, but, wait until opened, but found that this site and other film and television sites are no different, Generally have all of the site category, there is no title to write so unique, if you are users, how would you consider it? If you want me to, such a site will deviate from its own long tail keyword market, and if you focus on a market economy, in the site with the title of the written to do the entire site, You will feel the user's stickiness will be greatly improved.

In fact, there are too many long tail keywords in our life, these are generally we do not want to let them dominate our website, but, these long tail keyword market can also let you get your own SEO ocean, why say this, for example, this is a point, but if you slowly expand this point, One day you will touch the top of the point, and then the other points, and when you have gathered enough points, you will use these points fully to achieve your own real circle.

2 Neglected website habits

Your SEO ocean, have you really considered for the user? If one day, Baidu no longer trust your site, what should you do? In doing their own SEO in the ocean, we can not be too far from the Baidu, so the Web site habits become the first thing you need to do. In many cases, we are constantly in the outgoing chain, make keyword links, and then wait for users to come, but most of them are constantly coming, constantly go, and finally there is no trace of silk, in the user or amount is still unable to increase the strength of the time, you will say that I work hard every day, or so, This SEO is really boring ah, Baidu or not to rank, users or not single, do SEO really difficult.

But have you thought about it? Why does Baidu not give you ranking, users why there is no degree of adhesion, not single? In this case, the user's habit, the spider's habit, I think is to put the first, why some sites are very strong, users are growing, spiders are more and more diligent, Because these sites are updated with something that interests the user, when the first day of the shutdown, but also think of the next day the site will update what things, so still will see, so users will be more and more, when the spider came, and constantly find users are sharing the site, so more and more diligent is necessary.

Neglected user habits that you overlooked on your site? SEO sometimes is not, just let their own oceans have something new to let forever unforgettable, reluctant to leave, and left still want to come back, such a site, you have already?

3) A great pan in the world, no features to say

Big Pan in the world, no characteristics can be said that the site is basically the same, do not own a little bit of characteristics, I believe many friends do belong to their own site, will think, my site must be how, and then with what characteristics to do how, or start to hook the blueprint of the good, should also be silly smile, However, when a long time no rankings, in the heart of anxiety, will forget the original blueprint, every day hard to do outside the chain, every day efforts to do the content, but if your site and the Internet so many similar sites, are relying on such knowledge to please the user, how to advantage can say?

Each person's website should have its own personal characteristics, after all, everyone is different, so that users recognize you, then you should let them know your intentions and ideas of the site, want to let users do what, give them a feature, let them to accept it, for example, some shopping site, the day served, never hesitate, How many do they have? Some of the fake one lose ten, how many are realized? What is the characteristic, the characteristic is the trust, is the promise, is each website most true superiority.

Well, these three points, looking for the Sea of SEO continue, I hope everyone can find their own ocean, with their own hands to maintain up, do their own king of the sea, linear shaker,, take you to find their own SEO ocean, refueling.

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