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Baidu has not been very peaceful recently, all kinds of events, and I have encountered some disasters, of course, these disasters are my personal manipulation of the improper, I define myself as a gambler of the chain of Operation Techniques, written here, hope to some just learn SEO friends have a warning.

What is a gambler's external chain operation

This concept sounds very iffy, in fact, is not difficult, the so-called gambler-style outside the chain of operation is to put the eggs at ease a basket, or let a chicken eggs. The reason I call it gambler, because it's a very interesting phenomenon, is a lot of friends in the hair outside the chain of time (especially novice) mentality is not good, there is a betting feeling, found a high weight platform, and the operation is very simple, thought to find their own nuggets, has been staring at a platform to develop, such as gamblers generally, earn also want to make a profit, the results once by the platform of punishment, seal or ban, all the outside chain are all wiped out.

The harm of gambler's external chain manipulation

One, from the number of the chain, once you talk about all the eggs at ease in a basket, or with a chicken to lay eggs, on the serious platform of the restrictions, platform management policy changes, directly affect your chain, I have done a platform, because the internal adjustment restrictions, account has been blocked, resulting in a total of no return. Here specifically mentioned Baidu platform, Baidu platform restrictions and the use of Baidu platform more people, complaints reporting system is sound, you always can not guess when your competitors to give you a fatal blow.

Second, from the wide range of the chain, it will become a gambler, the chain is too concentrated, this is not conducive to the friendly search friendship, it is likely to be the search engine that is cheating, because from the user's point of view, a user, it is not possible to spread your site intensively.

Third, in the long-term perspective, focus on a platform to send out the chain, it is likely that the platform is considered a malicious attack on it, more serious direct blocking of your domain name, if this is a well-known platform, the damage is huge, because even after the real users to share your content, then on this platform is not the hair, This point I with a well-known platform (specific which I do not say, in short, basic seoer have done) management staff chatted, put forward if my competitor malicious send my link caused the platform to ban this domain name, whether can complain, the staff gave the answer is temporarily powerless.

So what should we do with the outer chain

A good attitude

Do outside the chain of people's heart is a kind of good temper, not only need to have patience, but also need to correct their attitude, can not be hanged in a tree, when the cheese placed in front of themselves, must be rational treatment, to withstand their own "a war in the end," the desire.

Second, choose the high weight of the website

The higher the weight, the higher the bonus to their own site, this is indisputable, in addition, a good platform, often a large user base, exposure more chance, many large reprint opportunities, an outside chain may become 100 or more, such as A5

Third, select the high relevance of the site

In the high relevance of the site hair outside the chain, the effect will be better, and the search engine blotted out some of the chain many more components because the correlation is too low, not much value, this can be understood as a user is like a topic content, and you like the user's preferences to guide to another topic, for users, not too much help.

Four, outside the chain to be broad

We need a wide range of external chain to send as many platforms as possible. Do not concentrate, this will cause the abnormal increase in the chain, looks unnatural, this is also a search engine for you to challenge the important aspects, can be sent to some large forums, social bookmarking, trading platform, writing soft Wen, which is the most power.

Five, outside the chain to diversify

Do not focus on the home page, but also to send more links, analog users, the user spread of the chain is certainly more than the home page, because users generally do more for an article to share, rather than a single share home. In addition, anchor this article, this article link, the use of hyperlink diversification

Six, the chain must be high quality

Outside the chain hair need to pay attention to quality, I also saw a lot of people in the forum, direct stay outside the chain, such a chain often do not have too much index value, the proposal to enrich their content, reply to others do not firmly top, look at the kind of words, on the quality of the chain, my next issue specifically.

I simply narrated how to avoid the gambler-type chain operation, correct their attitude, to maintain a strong heart, pragmatic, I believe that there will be a breakthrough, this article by the Jiangyin Talent Network ( starting A5, reprint please keep this link.

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