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In the blink of an eye, 2012 is almost one months past, 2013 also in accordance with the existing time track began to run, in the new year, Seoer must hope to get a greater breakthrough, whether in the network accumulation or technical hope to surpass the past, but also to understand that in this competitive internet age, It is possible to be confident with the times.

Where does confidence come from

If there is no clear understanding of the industry, overconfidence is a manifestation of arrogance, the work of natural disadvantage. Therefore, true self-confidence comes from reality. A successful seoer when it comes to optimizing new projects, first of all, not how to update the article and the website "> external link Building, but before you start work, The position of the company in the industry, products in the market positioning, such as detailed understanding, after all entered the company, the boss said that the situation is not necessarily in line with the actual, this may be only an inspiring one, so you can not fully believe that the boss said, they want to understand, and then carry out work.

Develop a work plan

After detailed understanding of the industry, company and product situation, the development of a work plan is a more critical step. Maybe your idea will be different from your boss's, but if you can convince your boss to give you a chance to practice, it will be half done. Job planning on the one hand is to optimize the site for advantages and disadvantages of analysis, improve the program, and calculate good time, divided time to gradually complete the work, the final effect of how this is not people can control, stationmaster only firm confidence to continue to go on, even if failed is also a successful attempt, therefore, Do not be afraid of their own work planning loopholes, to dare to practice to succeed.

Know how to refuse in time

A scheme before the effect comes out, no one can determine that it will not be successful, and the reality is often, when you work in half, the boss whim, want you to start in another way, then if you are cowardly, listen to the boss, perhaps your success is truncated here. In this respect I have had such an experience, clearly the boss said I can not agree, and finally in accordance with the boss's meaning to do, the results of the optimization effect is getting worse, if then listen to their heart, know the timely refusal, perhaps the result is very different. Therefore, in the boss's orders do not serve the public situation, must be brave to stand up and say no.

In real life, there will always be a disagreement between the boss and the employee, and if you can't stick to your point of view, you may miss out on a chance to succeed.

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