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Absrtact: Since 03-04 years SEO (Search engine Optimization) has been introduced into the Chinese market, more and more people have joined the ranks of SEO. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, China's SEO market has shown a raging scene, which includes: SEO training industry,

Since 03-04 years SEO (Search engine Optimization) has been introduced into the Chinese market, more and more people have joined the ranks of SEO. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, China's SEO market has shown a full swing of the scene, which includes: SEO training industry, SEO outsourcing industry and other related industries, we are glad that SEO can be in the first half of 05 by the vast number of enterprise companies accepted, Because in the initial introduction of SEO did not like now so much attention, however, with the expansion of the SEO market, SEO industry gradually emerged a lot of disturbing factors. Here are some of these disturbing factors to discuss with us seoer the most needed three quality (personal feeling this article is more suitable for the new, the master to see a lot of advice).

First. Patience

You can think about whether there is always such a word in front of you: "1. I submitted to the search engine why has not included My site Ah 2." I sent an article yesterday why not be included AH? 3. I optimized the site for a few months how to rank or no movement ah, 4. How soon can you make the word first? "And so on questions, I want to ask the person who asks the question to ask oneself, oneself really has done all to achieve a bit?" If not, then do not have so many questions, hurry up and act if you do a bit, then give yourself a little more patience, just as with people, people will not be there every day waiting for you to communicate with him/her, the same, SE is not designed for you, wait for it, there will be harvest (remember not to give up halfway).

Second. Subjective thinking Consciousness

In the experience of everyone's school, SEO did not do as a subject introduction (Do not know with the development of E-commerce in the future will be SEO as a course into the University class Le? Expecting ing) is often a good ranking from a site that does not know what is SEO to independent optimization and takes two important things: learning and thinking.

Learning is basically every willing to learn SEO new people will do things, blend in the major SEO forum, imitate others ' SEO ideas and operating methods, observe their own site rankings. And then if you have been imitating without your own thinking in the whole process of learning, get their own experience, then he will never have their own grasp of the SEO, the future of the road may be more and more dazed, so, please take the initiative to think, do not blindly only know the blind imitation, compared to your competitors and the difference between Look at how you are different from other people's SEO ideas and see who is better.

Third. Strong desire to win the heart

Here is the desire to win heart refers to their own keywords ranking. Only have this desire to have the power to advance, and once our ranking reached the effect we expected, then this for our SEO confidence will be a good push. Of course, this is applicable to the vast number of SEO, whether the company for your indicators or out of your own requirements for their own, this win heart the more intense, you will actively think, tamp your patience.

OK, here are the three qualities that seoer need most.

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