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Now a lot of seoer are beginning to slowly transformation, take the list to do optimization feel too tired, earn the basic is a one-time, follow-up service is very little, coupled with more and more people joined the industry, and then the price war is more and more fierce, many people are particularly low prices, resulting in a customer to consult when the quote, Then you will say how much money a certain company gives. We have no language, forget it, we seoer should be leisurely transformation.

In fact, a lot of SEO old long ago has been transformed, insist to do SEO services have been very few. Many have found their own projects, to do their own products, or to engage in training, or to provide SEO consultancy services, anyway, as much as possible to leave the time to themselves instead of others. Taobao now do a large number of large number of appearance, but also a large number of exits. A lot of people are seeing a product on the internet can not fire again, profits are big, and then others are doing, they joined in, together. Diet pills, breast enhancement drugs, left-carnitine. Wait to do too many people, are fast to do rotten, or someone continue to join that already crowded very crowded dead end, finally insist not how long time, their station no rank dead.

In fact, should look to the distance. When a lot of things are not on fire you should see it with a sharp eye, then act on it, and when it becomes popular you can fallout it.

How to find a project? Pay more attention to the media!

L-carnitine, this product is in Hunan Satellite TV encyclopedia said inside is hot, that Westwood doctor do not know which manufacturers of the support, there is a program said that the left-carnitine how good. No food, eat left-carnitine on the line, if you want to lose weight to eat left-carnitine .... To tell the truth, the left-carnitine this unknown thing, before very few people have heard, Europe and the United States may be more popular, but in China almost can be said to be unknown. That program I just good-looking, feel he is in the fire that thing, said don't know how many times that "left-carnitine" much better, weight loss is not expensive how how. And then, after a while, the left-carnitine thing started to pop in China.

In fact, there are many things can be dug in the media, do SEO should pay more attention to TV ads, there are many treasures. BB Cream (Super Girl endorsement of that), recently also compare fire, the key is Super Girl endorsement, there are ads below the hint, "BB frost" and then search. I guess it's a big one. The manufacturers of a large number of sources, found that the Internet market, and then advertised in the following specially prompted the user area online search. Taobao store owner saw, also from the BB cream manufacturers where they take the goods, and then Taobao customers to promote; Other regional agents have seen, and then take the goods. Finally let the manufacturers to make most of the amount of money.

Again like Ugg this thing, or from Europe and America that popular over there, do not know which female magazine or website did how many articles, and then Ugg once again in mainland China everywhere, manufacturers hair! Many projects are available in TV dramas, entertainment programs, spots ads ... And all kinds of media magazines. See if you have a pair of eyes, dig out the unfinished stuff and do it with your executive power.

We all know that women's money is easy to earn, students ' money is easy to earn, then find more than a few more well-known women's websites, magazines, student publications, Star Publications, more to study research, mining excavation. There will be countless good projects waiting for you to do!

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