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Speculation of the SEOVIP, a few days ago by the strange down the right, all the keywords ranked all the thousands of miles away. Search "SEO Training" nature can not find its traces, however, stone yesterday saw a micro-blog information, probably means that Baidu admits is a miscarriage of seovip commitment to two days or so can be restored, this point we can go to see the relevant news, I do not capture the description. Check today SEOVIP really weight and rankings are back, Baidu uncharacteristically quickly have to let many SEO people surprised, surprised, we will inevitably feel a little dissatisfied. Why many cock silk personal stationmaster or SEO person Doom of submit site to Baidu, the purpose is to give their website "vindication". But what about the results? Presumably everyone knows that the chances of recovery are just like the lottery.

Difficult "Gao Fu Shuai" Webmaster's website has special treatment? Baidu move is undoubtedly the mouth, that is artificial intervention is obvious, for Baidu, personal webmaster don't expect to have what equal treatment. But then again, can not only take into account their own little interests, the amount of data is too much. Baidu really can't go one by one to judge, whether your site has no suspicion of cheating, is bought a link or keyword piling up. However, many of us seo people and personal webmaster actually just want to understand one thing: why my site was strange down the right, was strange K station, death also die a understand it. Back to the title of this article: SEOVIP rankings of the miraculous recovery of our inspiration, I summed up the following points.

1th: For the SEO industry attitude is still a little "ambiguous"

I do not know how many personal webmaster and seo people abusive Niang, especially this year continuous K station events, and even let a lot of webmaster organized to malicious click Baidu Bid. However, in the face of personal webmaster and SEO industry counterattack, Baidu seems to have nothing to say, some say Baidu is in the crackdown on SEO industry, compression of this SEO market. The reason is very simple, SEO industry grows, Baidu's core interest damage is also bigger. Baidu's attitude to the SEO industry is really a bit ambiguous, on the one hand to appease, on the other hand to limit. Of course, this is my personal point of view, but this time Baidu why the response so fast? I think there are two main benefits Baidu took into account:

First, SEOVIP has been very hot in recent times, taking into account the special identity of the founder of SEOVIP. This station is certainly not use what cheat method, if have no reason to drop right, then certainly a lot of SEO people to doubt, Baidu whether can judge which station is cheating, so say this one station is down right will affect a lot of people. Second, Baidu's move is also to show an attitude, that is as long as your station is innocent will return your innocence.

2nd: Do not expect Baidu will pity some bitter force webmaster

A bitter force webmaster site was K, or was down right, and then wrote an article to Baidu complained. But the degree of the high aunt will you? The answer is certainly not to you, even if it is 100 of the webmaster to Baidu complain, Baidu will be directly ignored. However, the form is now different from the original, out of a 360 search, stable home search market boss position Baidu, first of all to take into account their core interests, Baidu also do not want to see most of the personal webmaster and SEO people to the embrace of 360 search. The loss of this part of the special users, will indirectly lose more business users, as a dick silk seo person or the personal webmaster, we can only go silently accept.

3rd: Do the station or do optimization to think more users than Baidu

Users are our food and clothing parents, Baidu is not, SEO is not. Provide users with the desired content or services, grasp the user's psychology, this is the king, as a personal webmaster I think more to learn in the future is the website operation, not optimization, there is some consumption of psychology. NET people have to the world, a valuable site for users Baidu will be abandoned? As long as not to be abandoned by your users is enough. SEOVIP rankings Magical Recovery, of course, there are many SEO people will have jealousy psychology, but still that sentence: To learn to relax heart, otherwise you have egg pain.

Summary: SEOVIP rankings of rapid recovery let us envy, whether to prove the "high handsome" type of site is a good, cock wire type of site is only bitter forced to survive, imagine if there is a day without the Niang, what can we do? Whether personal webmaster and SEO people are going to disappear? I don't know what you're thinking. , welcome to add my QQ exchange! This article by original share A5 first reprint reservation address!

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