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These days have been looking at the book, about a few details of the optimization in the station, do not know that everyone in the implementation of the optimization process noticed no, many people feel that the optimization of the station is the minutiae of the problem, the main time to focus on their own site content and the chain. As everyone knows, the site only a reasonable internal structure, without internal competition, can better play the role of the chain and content, play the icing on the cake.

Determine preferred domain

The preferred domain, simple is to tell the search engine, let it mainly to their own site which part of the index, for example, some people site their own station, the main query link is not with the WWW domain name, and some station site, mainly with the WWW domain name. This is the site to determine the results of different preferred domains, generally speaking, Zigong SEO recommended through 301 Redirect to determine the domain name with www as the site's preferred domain, because this conforms to industry standards, easy to accumulate internal weights. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as the initial site, without the WWW domain name rankings than with the WWW effect better. Although the WWW has been identified as the preferred domain, this is a normal phenomenon, with the following normal, when you site query, search engine has identified a good preferred domain, so do not worry.

Set up a secondary navigation

First clear the concept of secondary navigation, we are on most sites, it is clear that after entering the site, a very conspicuous navigation (leading flight) These positions are generally some, such as "Company news, about us, contact us" and other unrelated keywords occupy, the purpose is to provide the user experience, Quickly let visitors find what they want to serve, however, in our implementation of the optimization process, we have to identify their core keywords, but can not occupy the main navigation, this time to introduce the concept of navigation, in the site suitable location, determine the site's core keyword anchor text, the form of the weight link display. In this way, we can both improve the user experience, but also without losing the goal of optimizing the strategy. For example, for example, in the optimization process, the site displayed at the bottom of the anchor text, the following figure for the seowhy for its web site for the secondary navigation, and the full station link display.

Establish long tail word record form

Set up a long tail word record form, said there are many benefits, first of all to determine a website update direction, in search engine related search to establish long tail words, each article to determine 1-3 keywords, this keyword is also the main object of this article, after we identified a good article, keep it as a keyword, such as http:// Www.***.com/seo/domain-name-weights.html The key words of this article is "Domain name weight, accumulate the weight of the website" When we appear this keyword in later article update, can be very clear to specify a good chain, This is also the teacher said that the determination of the site-oriented anchor text, to optimize the key words with their fixed link records, over time the site's internal weight will be more and more high. Accurate station directional anchor text, for the overall weight of the site to enhance the great help. Continue to insist that you will find that when your site is determined to be very precise and accurate directional anchor text, the weight of the site will be greatly improved! Because Baidu in the determination of whether the article is collected, it will also consider the site has accurate directional anchor text! This is also a recognition of the husband.

Summary: When you and the competitor outside the chain content strength is quite, decides the success or failure place, often is some details question, has the sentence not to say the good? Details determine success or failure, do station is such, a person is so, from small to rise to a person's life, work attitude, there is no way to cross the ridge?

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