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More Play Network (compiler/drdarknight) We have seen many players in the E3 exhibition of the Cos clothing, in addition to a small number of some of the more reliable, most of the lightning is still the target of visual attacks, after all, amateur cos players in financial and technical deficiencies.  Today, we bring a professional visual team to create the "halo" COS, the effect can only be lifelike and shocking to describe. In the game of the prototype players self-made COS clothing this cos clothing from the "Halo" series of the Star League elite, the most famous character of the race is the kamikaze, who is allied to man in Halo 3, who wears ancient armor and particle warfare blades, often by elite fighters, and the tasks they perform are often "no one goes Away". But this outfit Cos is the average elite warrior, that is, players in the game most common to those armed with submachine guns, and sometimes will roll to avoid bullets of the general enemy. [Page] The outfit is up to 7 feet, or 2.13 metres, to say that the size is very close to the actual size of the elite in the game.  This set of props is very lifelike, alien skin texture is very close to reality, and the body of the armor also intact restore the game style. Because of the size of the outfit, there is an elevated system in the leg, and a similar lengthened system in the hand, from which we can see the details, and in the video below, players can see the full shape of the big guy when it's assembled.
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