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There are a number of serial entrepreneurs in the Internet circle, and their resumes are preceded by the titles of several founders, who may venture in different areas but always represent the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial model. From the establishment of Ctrip, such as home, Han court hanting, to the creation of 3721 after the Zhou 360. And then to the recent announcement of Entrepreneurial gong, Wang, and so on, continuous entrepreneurs have experienced hardships have been unlimited, there have been confused, but they still do not hesitate to join the venture again.


A few days ago, the original handle NET founder Wu March 13 officially announced that it will start again, entrepreneurial project for the new O2O platform "beauty plus music."

In addition to the well-known CEO of the handle network, Wu has become a well-known continuous entrepreneur in the Internet industry, since 17, he founded 5 companies, and the United States and Canada Music is his sixth new record.

Wu first venture in the United States, 1997 founded the United States Shadow Chi (Enreach) technology Co., Ltd. and as CEO, 08 Shanghai Shadow Power in the Hong Kong board to borrow the shell listing. 1998, Webdvd was created as President of the company and sold to ESST company in 2000 years.

In 1999, Wu, who had just returned from the United States, founded a focus network originally, he planned to focus on the network to create the first three of domestic traffic portal, but in Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other giants under the impact, he finally chose to sell the price of 16 million U.S. dollars to Sohu, Zhang Chaoyang, earning the first bucket of gold.

2005, Wu with its shadow Chi Li core team founded the first professional video sharing platform in China, although the time to enter the video site is very early, but because the investors have not signed the financing plan, he finally chose to exit. At the end of 2007, merged into Shanghai, and then listed in the Hong Kong motherboard in 2008.

In the June 2010, Wu founded the handle net. And in this venture, the handle net total completes the Tricycle financing, the investor includes milestone Investment, Jinsha River Investment, NVP, Taishan Angel and so on, total amount is about 166 million dollars. In March 2011, the handle network had been operating in 130 cities. And in 2012 years, the navigation site group 800 statistics show that the handle net sales began to fall after reaching 259 million yuan, 4、5、6月 sales were 194 million yuan, 181 million yuan, 183 million yuan, sales ranked to June has fallen to fifth place.

In the team, the August 2012 had news that the capital side fully involved in the day-to-day management of the handle network, promoted to COO Feng overall responsible for the day-to-day operation of the handle network, Wu authority was elevated, and eventually divorced from the CEO position. Then the handle was denied.

The news of his departure from the handle net was finally confirmed until Wu the United States and Canada.

Wu has said that when the Internet company is starting to start a business is not very important, it is important in a new market can not stand to the first echelon, in order to account for the market may need a lot of people to help.

Many entrepreneurial, Shengchang and capital many times together, in his words, in such a harsh environment in China, financing to be as fast as possible to take the resources enough. "The most important and important ability of an entrepreneur, the first thing to do, is to take money." The best Internet company in China is to take money. "he said.

This may be the reason that the handle net completes three times in just 1.5 time after Tvix lesson. But also brought the handle network after the rapid expansion of the various hidden dangers, although well versed in entrepreneurial way, but in the end can only leave their own single-handedly to build the enterprise. Now once again embark on the journey of "Beauty plus music".

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