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Sina Weibo for some time, a few days ago to use Twitter, suddenly some feel at a loss, can not say that Twitter's user experience than Sina Weibo, only to explain that Sina Weibo more Chinese characteristics, originally intended to write the Chinese characteristics of Sina Weibo, only to find that A registered trigger can write a lot, it is written in the form of serial series, this article mainly said Sina Weibo registration trigger settings, the next will be from the content strategy, promote dialogue and other aspects of the topic, Welcome to Exchange.

I do not like to click a link to jump out of the registration prompt, but from the point of view of the site, so that as many users registered to the site is the job of the product staff, then how to not let users disgust, but also to allow more users to register or login to the site? This article is about Sina Weibo registration trigger settings. The following is Sina Weibo three kinds of registration guidance, this article focuses on the second.

Natural Registration

This registration is distributed in the homepage of Sina Weibo and detailed content page in the upper right corner of the function navigation above, this form of registration do not need to elaborate, note the following text "registration has the opportunity to obtain a mobile phone recharge card", the use of material rewards to attract users attention.

2. Through the homepage content (celebrity, hot topic, etc.) to boot to the registration page

On Sina Weibo home page can not only see the recommended celebrities and interesting people, celebrity attention rankings, you can also see the latest hot topics, ongoing events, these content can generally attract a lot of eyeballs, once the user clicks on a content into the detailed page, the user is equivalent to fall into the Sina Weibo user registration " Trap ", do not want to register are difficult, the following we click on the head of Lee Kai-fu Lee into the Sina microblogging:

On this page, there are six hidden secrets that can trigger registration,

1. The top of the registration button, this does not need to elaborate;

2. Quick registration of users recommended by interested people (topic).

This design seems to be Kai-Fu Lee said: "Sign up Sina Weibo, and I share the fresh information of life anytime and anywhere!" Particularly main one small arrow up.

This registration also has a special point is that only the e-mail input box and the fast open microblogging button, suggesting that user registration is very simple, but when you move the cursor to the e-mail input box, the following effects appear:

If, in the first place, the content that needs to be filled out, I think the effect will be very different, so although there is "cheat" the feeling, but once the user moved the cursor to the input box, even if there is still need to fill in the content, his registration will still be more than the beginning to see these need to fill in the content to be high.

3. Sign up by action operation.

Note the following actions: forwarding, collecting, commenting. The tweet was forwarded 712 times and commented on 667 to see if the wonderful tweets would be forwarded, see the controversial thing is not want to comment, and users have "onlookers mentality", see others have done things, they also want to try, so, users once again stepped on the Sina Weibo "registered mines", As shown in the following illustration:

I also notice that Sina Weibo's login prompt box above the copy is designed for each of the different actions, rather than the same "you need to log on to continue to operate" such a hint.

4. Through the celebrity of the attention of people to guide the registration (social recommendation);

Kai-Fu Lee has enough cattle, he is concerned about the people are not more cattle it? Once the user wants to explore this issue, once again triggered the Sina Weibo registration mystery, the following figure:

Click on any person who is concerned about Kai-Fu Lee, there will be registered floating layer register, "registered Sina Weibo, see more interesting people", sometimes, celebrities focus on people than celebrities themselves to be interesting.

5. By looking for more "stimulus" users to register;

This page has two places to use this trigger, one is in want to see more Lee Kai-fu's attention here, one is in the page issued, with "Fast open micro Bo you can see more content, you can also comment, forward micro bo." To replace the page number that is normally visible.

Who would like to see Lee? Sign up.

It can be found that once the user entered the page, they fell into the "registered mine area", through this just right arrangement, the user will not feel disgusted, but will willingly to register.

III, mail invitation registration

This in Sina Weibo promotion early I think it is to play a big role, this here do not need to elaborate, just listed.

in the design of social networking products some inspiration:

1. Good at capturing the user's hidden mind, using the content of the user's interest to connect other content, this is also a typical social recommendation;
2. Stimulate the user's "herd mentality", such as in the forwarding and comment on the following figures;
3. Stimulate the user's "greed" mentality, want to see more, let the user register to exchange;
4. The right to set the "block" to stimulate the user to explore the desire, NetEase micro Bo and Sohu Weibo, the former is too harsh, the user to the attention of the matter just want to find out, jumped to the Register login page, and the latter is too lax, the user will be interested in things are finished, also did not find where can be registered;
5. The registration of the prompt copy needs to be well planned, different actions triggered by the registration prompts should be different context, different text prompts users to find the right feeling, Sina Weibo on this point to do better;

Please leave your comments.

Source: http://www.socialbeta.cn/articles/twitter-sina-style-innovation-one.html

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