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Recently, China Network Communications Group and the United States Warisin (Verisign) Company held a joint opening ceremony in Beijing, jointly announced the official opening in China set up the Internet domain name root server j and top-level domain name server mirror server.

The domain name root server and the top-level domain name server are one of the most important infrastructures on the Internet, which is directly related to the stability and security of the global Internet. As one of the greatest achievements of mankind in the 20th century, the internet has penetrated into all aspects of the world's economy, culture and social life, and has become a global public information infrastructure. With the continuous development of the Internet, the maintenance of Internet security and stable operation, promote the healthy and harmonious development of the internet has reached a consensus around the world.

China's internet as a part of the global Internet, has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, China's Internet network size, users in the world second, the number of Internet users more than 123 million, accounting for the total number of Internet users in the World one-tenth, Internet domain name registration total more than 3 million and still appear upward trend,. COM,. NET domain name accounts for about half of the total domain name registration in China. With the increasing of the scale of our internet and the gradual improvement of application level, the domain name server in our country sends the request of the domain name root server and com/net top-level domain server more and more, consumes a lot of international network bandwidth resources, and affects the user's network access speed and Internet experience.

The introduction of the J mirror server is set up in China's second Internet domain name root server, is the world's 110th domain name root server mirror server, com/net top-level domain name server mirroring is the first time in our country settings. Although compared with the growing scale of internet in China, we set up Internet domain name root server mirror number in our country, but this time we set up and opened the Internet domain name root server j and com/net top-level domain name server mirror server, which is helpful to improve the network access speed of Internet users in China and neighboring countries and regions. To improve the security and performance of the Internet in these areas, thereby enhancing the security and stability of the global network.

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