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Floating advertising is a common form of advertising. However, for the narrow screen users, the floating ads caused a lot of interference, reducing the user experience. How can I automatically control the floating ads according to the user's screen resolution size? This period Baidu advertising butler use skills will and everyone share "skillfully set floating advertising to enhance user experience." You just need two steps to make it easy.

1. Create AD bit

1 through the navigation "advertising position" → "Advertising" → "new advertising bit" into the page shown in figure one, fill in the relevant information.


2 after the creation of the advertising bit, choose to get the code immediately, into the Get code page, according to the prompts to put the code to your site, as shown in Figure Ii.


2. Create the launch item

1 through the navigation "put" → "put items" → "New drop item", according to figure three to create a launch item. In particular, you need to pay special attention to adding resolution positioning in directed delivery.


2 Save the item, go to the following image page click "New ad"-> "Create ordinary ads", into the Figure five sample page, complete the new ad operation. At this point, all the operations completed, quickly to your site to see the effect of the launch bar.



Finally, the introduction of this issue of a derivative application: You only need to follow the previous operation to establish the right floating advertising and launch items, you can achieve the effect of the ads.

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