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Many webmasters think that the site is not conducive to the installation of the slide optimization, in fact, a site as long as a reasonable set of slides, not only will make users experience higher, more important is the slide reasonable can also guide the spider crawl. For the user, the site's slides can be said to be the most attractive area for users, because the slides can show the most beautiful, most direct topic, so that users can directly understand the core area of the site. So webmaster friends How to set the slide?

First set slides must be bold, discard the traditional SEO optimization thinking, now has a part of the webmaster's mind still stay in a few months or even a few years ago in the thinking, in fact, the site included and the rankings and slides have no direct relationship, with the search engine algorithm changes, now the site features have two sides, as long as the webmaster good , the difference function can also be used and recognized by search engines. So we do not have to do the slide screen, what is what is, and the best slide set to clear, the core, so that users can directly see.

Second webmaster in the setting of the slide must be based on a reasonable layout of the slide, the general situation of the site's slides should be in the top left of the theme bar, we can see A5 slides, A5 slide layout in the topic of the top left, its size and the topic of coordination, Here also illustrates a point: the slide is not the bigger the better, not the more the better, generally speaking, the picture of the slide between 5-7, so as to ensure that the loading speed of the page, if the slide too much, reached dozens of, this will affect the speed of the page loading, Therefore, it is recommended that the webmaster in the setting is not only the position to be reasonable layout, picture number should also be reasonable consideration, to ensure that the slide does not drag the development of the site.


Again slide the picture selection must conform to three standards, one is fine, the selected picture must be the most prominent theme in this site, protruding topic of the picture, so that users see there is want to click the feeling, this can enhance the PV value of the site; the second is clear, the selected slide picture must be clear, Pixel settings must be high-definition, which is related to the slide can play a role in front of the key elements, now the pages are colorful, if your picture is not clear enough to talk about how to attract users? Three is true, the layout of the picture must be real, false pictures will not only let users feel disappointed, What's more, the user will be disgusted, here is to consider the design of the slide picture, in the design of the time as far as possible to do reasonable design, stand in the user's point of view to design slides pictures.

Finally, I told all webmaster friends, slides of good and bad directly related to the site's user experience, now users have a common feature: lazy. Most users look directly from the slides to see if they have what they want, if you are not sure to leave the site, so you have to set up a slide when the main elements of the above, to ensure that users enter the site can be the fastest to find their own needs, so that the user experience further, Also let the development of the site to a higher level. This article by the purple pot price webmaster writing, published in A5, reproduced please keep the author link, thank you.

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