Setup Lamp+apache+php+mysql service in Ubuntu

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All along, ">ubuntu support the mainstream i386, AMD64 and PowerPC platform, So most personal computer users can install the corresponding Ubuntu version on their computers. In June 2006, Ubuntu added support for the UltraSPARC and UltraSPARC T1 platform for Sun computers, which users can download to install.

From the initial release, Ubuntu provides an installation CD and a live CD for previewing. When the Ubuntu 6.06 Lts is released, it changes the live CD that was used as the preview only to preview, and the CD (that is, the desktop CD) that was installed using the graphics interface, while the installation CD that originally provided the text installation interface was reserved and renamed (that is, alternate Install CD).

For hardware requirements, Ubuntu requires 384MB of RAM and requires 3GB of hard disk space for installation.

In the file system format, Ubuntu defaults to the Ext3 file system format, but can also choose other file system format. In the access to Microsoft Windows partition, it is free to read and write to the FAT32 file system format partition, since the Ubuntu 7.10, you can also read and write the NTFS file system format partition.

In Ubuntu, it is possible to exchange information and files with other operating systems via the Samba software, which functions like a network Neighborhood on a Windows platform.

A few days ago we introduced a detailed installation tutorial on Ubuntu systems. Although for many players Ubuntu system applications are already very skilled, and Linux systems are more and more individuals or enterprises to apply, but Linux system relative to the popularity of Windows system still need to wait for "days."

Install lamp

For Ubuntu Systems, the "new software Package Manager" tool is available for beginners to install without typing commands. In the System menu, select--> system--> System Management, will find in the system Management "new software package Manager" one. The following figure:

Find the new Package Manager option

Select--> Edit--> in the new Package Manager to use the Task Grouping tag package, tick the LAMP server in the open window and then determine.

Install lamp

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