Seven common problems in first-order Seoer

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1, I bought a set of SEO site procedures, why but not ranked?

A: Code optimization can only be more excellent embodiment of the text of this page, the goal of a reasonable distribution of keywords in this page can be very good by the search engine's favor, and simply with a set of "SEO procedures" on the hope that a keyword is almost impossible to compete.

2, domain name SEO really helpful?

A: Many of the first-order seoer always wavering on this issue, some even to see a phonetic domain name than the content is also important, such overheating mood is unhealthy. SEO is really helpful, but not decisive role, not for a long tail of keywords and will spell the number of pinyin domain name to 8 or more, so it is difficult to let visitors remember, and visitors can not be converted into their own users, SEO will become meaningless.

3, I am a customer of Baidu, the site will also be k?

A: Join Baidu any alliance and other business are not with the "site punishment" has a positive relationship, Baidu has repeatedly stated this position but still have some friends will use this as a talk about ' Huchui ' as the advantage of Baidu customers. (see "Search Engine and Optimization")

4, friends say the more the more the ranking of the more high, but also drum I bought a set of mass software.

A: The outside link is indeed the more the better, but this must be built in the "Quality link" under the premise, if it is bad outside the link (link point has been punished, the page structure is not clear, the link exists in the location is not ideal; will not add any friendliness and weight to the website, even these bad outside links one but the sharp increase, but to their disadvantage, counterproductive. (It is worth reminding that too much external links will be considered unhealthy by search engines in a short period of time)

5, how to obtain high-quality external links, and outside the quality of the link or not have what standards?

A: If you want to get high quality outside the link, so proud maple solemnly suggest you please stay away from mass software, the real good link is by ' manual edit '. The decision to determine whether the outside link is excellent actually does not have a so-called "standard" exists, but if you can notice the following points may be able to close to the "standard".

1 whether the other site has been punished by search engines.

2 Your link appears in what page, the other side of the site's internal chain is excellent.

3 You link the existence of the page structure is clear.

4 you link to the existence of the page and your site is related to the topic.

5 indicates whether the linked text is related to your station theme.

6 Do you link the existence of the page is the link to take more? link to the site topic and whether you have relevance.

6, does the PR value have any effect on Google rankings?

A: Yes, but due to the shortcomings of PR itself, it is now not a decisive role.

7, there is a lot of exchange chain, join it is equal to get a lot of free external links, show the opportunity?

A: Friendship links for a site's SEO is very important to participate in these exchange chain sites are most of the novice to build stations, with more "show out" expectations, as mentioned in article 5th of the quality of external links to measure, to join such "connection farms" will only backfire.


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