Seven conditions affecting the success of Internet entrepreneurship

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& ">nbsp; I believe many people are thinking about the same problem, looking for the most complete answer, which is the prerequisite for successful internet business? How to pass these necessary conditions to let a lot of busy and the Internet grassroots Webmaster inspired to achieve their own website operation, website promotion and sustainable development of the transfer, below we take these several questions to find the answer.

1. Team: The concept of common recognition + exclusive skills + character of the person in tune

The idea is not much said, there is no unity of the goal is best not to start a business, or to the back or to the end of the split. Dedicated skills, teamwork, technology is the basis of the site, if the technology is weak, it is best not to start a business, otherwise, in addition to the concept can not be fully expressed, delay project progress, the most important time for the start-up, means the opportunity and cost, Web project development, the best start 2or3 technology + 1 Art, The initial development with what is not important, do not think about the next 5 years 10 years will be how, you know we have no chance to survive six months. Technology better have a stronger architect, the product is the core of the site, you will be how the future development of the basic framework. The market is an important role in the start-up period, unless you do not want to let others know that you exist, there are media resources in the industry is necessary, if not, now start to cultivate also in time. Team members should be in tune with their personalities, at least in the early stages, and there is no need to spend time on internal friction, preferably with friends who have worked with each other for some time.

2. Products: Value + innovation

When we are making a product, the consideration is its value, what is the value of the user, what the business value is, and I prefer to think of it as a creative job in creating something new, creating a new service, or changing the existing service to make the user's experience better. At the same time, what are the business values that we create to cater to? To be practical, entrepreneurship is to create business value, if you are not clear where the business exits, who will pay for your business in the future? You also need to consider the differentiation of products and not compete with Giants.

3. Mentality: Use time to run the state

Time is the fundamental condition to test the success of a project, and entrepreneurship is not a year's work, it needs to be managed by heart. Entrepreneurship will face many problems, difficulties, many times the heart is a kind of suffering, perseverance may not win, but give up the inevitable failure. Faced with a variety of problems, sometimes the most difficult to maintain is the peace of mind. It is difficult to do business, it needs to go through several stages, the first step you need to develop it to improve it, the second step you need to accumulate a few batches of users, the third step you need to accumulate users to a certain scale, the site is also a reference to the number of visits, the fourth step may be a tentative commercial exploration, The fifth step may be the real scale of business model development, and then continue to develop, expand the scale. These need time, these all need a steady mentality to operate, any one industry can not change the nature of business, the rules of business is constant, impetuous mentality can only harmful, ultimately no harvest, including investment of quick success.

3. Funds: Necessary funds in the start-up period

The start-up period requires the necessary funds, at least you know that the money can make your project to a certain track, the source of this money may more should come from within the team, if your money is not enough to support the necessary development, it is best not to start a business, otherwise it is a waste of time and money. The project to a certain extent, investment is necessary, but short-sighted and speculative investors, then the need for entrepreneurs to be extra careful, because the investment to destroy the project development of countless cases. The financing is the entrepreneur and the investor game process, needs the equal footing, including to the personality, the mentality, the value mutual recognition, the investment sometimes is in order to integrate the project development resources, they are also one of project members.

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