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Everbright Bank (601818), which has just been listed for two months. SH) released its first three quarterly report late yesterday. Three quarterly reports show that the first three quarters, Everbright Bank attributable to the parent shareholders of the net profit of 10.06 billion yuan, an increase of 71.35% from a year earlier, more than last year's net profit.  Basic income of 0.295 yuan per share. In the third quarter, Everbright Bank achieved a net profit of 3.22 billion yuan.  The bank will also achieve growth of more than 50% per cent throughout the year, according to an earlier announcement from Everbright's performance.  Net interest income increased by 63% this January-September, Everbright Bank realized its operating income of 26.39 billion yuan, of which the net interest was 22.18 billion yuan, which grew 61.1% from a year earlier, and the processing fee and commission net income was 3.72 billion yuan, accounting for about 14%. Everbright Bank explained that the increase in net interest income is mainly due to the increase in interest-bearing assets and the gradual expansion of net spreads, at present the net income of interests in the operating revenue accounted for 84.06%.  However, the three quarterly reports did not disclose their net interest margin data, and the net interest margin for the bank was 2.12% at the end of June this year. But in the credit scale is limited, the loan deposit ratio examination strict big environment, the Everbright Bank this year "to hold the deposit" the effect is obvious.  Data show that the first three quarters of this year, the bank's new loan of 99.6 billion yuan, new deposits of 274.8 billion yuan, the incremental loan ratio is only 36%.  A recent report by CIC said that Everbright Bank had the potential to further raise net spreads because of the low average yield on the bank's interest-bearing assets and the space for the interbank business to be replaced by higher-yielding lending operations.  After the listing, Everbright Bank chairman Tang Shuangning Vice-Chairman said that the bank will start the restructuring, to achieve "more meaningful development", for this reason, the bank said it will force the mode of operation, in order to form a differentiated competitive advantage, improve the level of profitability. The non-performing loan rate is less than 1% as at the end of September, Everbright bank capital amounted to 1.49 trillion yuan, growth 24.5% than at the beginning of the year.  Customer loans amounted to 735.6 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5% per cent, and 1.02 trillion yuan for total deposits, up to 26.8% per cent.  At the end of September, Everbright Bank's capital adequacy ratio was 11.94%, an increase of 1.55% from the beginning of the year, and a core capital adequacy ratio of 8.99%, which was 2.15% higher than at the beginning. The three quarterly bulletin explained that the data is due to the listing of a shares to raise funds.  On August 18 this year, Everbright Bank in a shares listed, to September 16 full exercise of the option of excess distribution, a total of 7 billion shares of common stock, raise capital of 21.7 billion yuan.  In terms of asset quality, as at the end of September this year, the total non-performing loans of Everbright Bank amounted to $6.41 billion, which was reduced by 1.72 billion yuan at the beginning of the period, with a non-performing loan rate of 0.87%, a 0.38% decline from the beginning, and a 265.49% per cent increase in non-performing loans. In addition, the first disclosure of the three quarterly Bulletin of Everbright Bank's top ten "retail" shareholders, Huaxia fund occupies two seats, including Wang YaweiFencing the Chinese market selection, holding nearly 40 million shares, in addition to the Social Security Fund also has a fund portfolio ranked among them.
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