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"Is there a user who has money?" Chongqing Seven Fish Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mu Yifeng that now the times are different, there are users are not necessarily rich. "Small team business must first have a profit model, after the product, otherwise, usually will die very miserably!"

"To do products, first of all to think good profit model, small team entrepreneurship, it is best not to do the kind of first to earn users and then make money mode." "This is Chongqing Seven Fish Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Seven fish Technology ") all the philosophy of survival. To do so, their main product mobile phone application "Business assistant", is in the profit model is clearly under the conditions to start research and development, but this model is simple to let people helpless "users of the use of software charges."

In China's "> mobile app Market, which is generally dim in the charging software, seven fish technology is going to take charge mode, he is not afraid of someone copying their products to occupy the market in free form, Finally make a wedding dress for others? At the same time, this insistence does not engage in technological innovation, believe in "doctrine" small team, but also want to occupy the entire direct marketing industry application software Market 10% market share, this is not the Arabian Nights, wishful thinking?

However, seven Fish technology CEO Mu Yifeng in the titanium media. Chongqing Morning News Joint Report group interview, but it is a jiangshan of bearing, completely do not put these issues all in the eyes, this is blind arrogance, or chest hide million sinks?

"The first to do outsourcing to make money, after the product growth"

"First to help others to do the outsourcing, make money to do their own products." "This development route has been made since the seven fish technology was born," he said.

The reason for a stay to do the product, because only do outsourcing has no future, "the current outsourcing industry confusion you can not imagine the market outsourcing is very strong, there is no profit, want to get a profit outsourcing, can only rely on relations." So, the company's future is still on the product "Mu Yifeng to Titanium Media." The Chongqing Morning News team said.

Companies to develop by products, and products to be outsourced to raise. "The team is from scratch, so must be outsourced as the guide, we such a small company to first consider how to survive, rely on connections to some of the profits of outsourcing, outsourcing make money to engage in product development." ”

Therefore, more than a year after the company was founded in July 2011, seven fish technology has been outsourcing to accumulate funds, while looking for market opportunities. The product gene was implanted into the team until the "Black Book" Outsourcing Project was received.

"Black leather Book" is a direct sales field for the use of personal reminders, scheduling applications, but also through the sales performance assessment to help the team achieve management functions.

This outsourcing orders, let Mu Yifeng see the direct sales staff this huge market.

"The direct selling industry is an untapped market. The industry began to legalize in the 2005, and people's thinking change takes time, so so far many people think that the direct selling industry is illegal MLM, not active contact with this group of people, not to see the value of which can be excavated. Mu Yifeng smiled and said, "They turned a blind eye, but it gave us a chance." ”

Since then, Mu Yifeng contacted a large number of direct sales staff, he found that the biggest demand for direct sales staff is a help them to manage the schedule, product information, customer files and achieve teamwork and management of mobile phone applications. As a result, seven fish technology to the black leather book based on the development of their flagship product "Business assistant."

"From contacting customers, to preparing product materials, from team members, to sales to customers, from sales to customer tracking, from performance appraisal to team management, to the entire direct sales process, into our software." They use it, team management will be more, efficiency will be higher. "Seven fish technology product manager to wave some proudly introduced."

Product Perfect, the next goal is naturally profitable. In Mu Yifeng's view, for special areas of products, in the profit, nature is also "very road."

To channel resources for profit backing

"To do the product, the first thing to think of is the profit model." Mu Yifeng This sentence, concisely summed up the seven fish science and technology of all survival philosophy.

"Now a lot of people stay on the thought of a user has money." That's a big mistake! Mu Yifeng said, "This model is made by Tencent, is also recognized by everyone." But now it is not the same, and now there is not necessarily money users. ”

Mu Yifeng to titanium media. Chongqing Morning News Joint Report group example: "A tool class application, his users may be tens of millions, the flow is large enough, but how to change the flow?" It's a big problem for them. ”

So how does a business assistant actually make a profit? Sell or rent. "This is an original and effective approach," Mu Yifeng said. ”

"Our product profit model is different from others, others are first netting users, we are relatively closed, is directed at direct sales insurance industry, this feeling relatively uncommon industry." Their needs are the kind of handy sales assistants. We sell it as a whole, sell it to a team, or rent a platform in two ways. "To wave that this industry is relatively closed, so can only go this way."

Business Assistant Sales Model There are two types, one is a one-time sale, the server and the client together to sell to customers, the price due to the team size and different, 1000 of the following team, the price of 80,000 yuan, more than 1000 people, the price from more than 100,000 to 20 tens of thousands of yuan range. The other model is the platform rental, monthly payment, 20 yuan per month.

"The direct sales industry is huge, with 20 million to 30 million people in direct sales across the country." Our target is 10% of the industry, so we can live well. "Mu Yifeng said.

In the charging software model is quite immature China, seven fish technology has the confidence price and set out to take the entire 10% of the industry's goal, in addition to the product of faith, more important is the grasp of the channel.

At present, there are 33 legitimate direct selling companies in the country, and seven fish technology has the ability to connect with the core executives of 15 companies.

This docking capacity, from seven fish technology partners, Chongqing, a focus on direct sales magazine. "In China's focus on direct marketing media, with us the media market share of more than 90%, in the direct sales industry has a high authority." Every year, direct sales team leaders from all over the country come to Chongqing for a seminar under the media organization, and we can recommend business assistants through this route. Mu Yifeng said.

"This is a resource that no one else can grasp, and it is our core competency," he continued. At that time to do business assistant this application, also stems from this. ”

Cooperation with the magazine promotion, will eventually take a divided way to distribute profits, of which seven fish technology accounted for 60%, magazine accounted for 40%.

"Technological innovation is not suitable for small teams"

"Technological innovation is not suitable for small teams, doctrine and micro-innovation, is the right path." "Mu Yifeng This sentence, is seven fish technology another survival magic weapon."

"A creative product into the market, it is indeed possible to reach a lot of users, tens of millions of or even billions." But for Tencent, 360 of such large companies, it is easy to replicate this thing. And they have more resources, more basic users, once the copy completed into the market, we can only sit ducks. "The end result is that the money is spent and the company is dead," Mu Yifeng said. ”

In that case, does the small team have no way to go? Of course not.

"Technology is easy to replicate, but the profit model and business model are hard to replicate." "Mu Yifeng said, like our business assistant, even if someone has replicated, but he does not have our resources advantage, we can not copy our business model, find no profit point."

Based on the above understanding, seven fish technology has gone a "technology rely on doctrine and micro-innovation, profit model to find the core competitiveness" of the development path.

According to Mu Yifeng Introduction, the promotion of business assistants, will be officially launched in 2013 after the Lunar New Year.

"Our promotion is to cooperate with the direct marketing media mentioned above, and ask them to assist, because it is a split pattern, so there is no need for additional funding." "Mu Yifeng said. "We do not operate, if the application for the general public, but also to smash a large amount of expenses to promote, and this money is plainly bottomless." So only for special industries, do not need too much promotion, or really can not get. ”

He also mentioned that if the promotion effect is good, in the case of funds permitting, the condition is ripe, the company also will consider the product to revise consummates, the promotion to the retail industry domain.

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