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The promotion of the Forum is one of the commonly used means of webmaster, but in the forum post has a problem is very easy, you write too much advertising is very easy to delete, to write a high-quality soft wen and let many webmaster feel helpless, then how can post but not to be deleted by moderator? The author will share seven tips in the following articles, Let you post in the forum worry-free.

I. Making some kind of recommendation to the Forum

For example: There is no irrigation area how to do it! You can add your own site name in such comments, generally to the forum to suggest that the other party is not going to delete your.

Second, the registration time longer ID

The registration time is longer or the post reaches a certain number of IDs, the posts advertised by these IDs are not deleted with the obvious administrator. Recommend to go to Taobao to buy a few yuan a Chinaz old account number and so on

Third, appreciate the forum or the owner of the post.

For example, a certain forum is really good, ask will answer Ah! In the Avatar character signature inserted in the ads, Avatar can also insert ads, avatar into a QQ or picture

Example: This post is very good, I worship you ah, you help me analyze my site Well, add the URL, generally will answer, this sent a link! and will not delete you, deleted is to slap themselves, people generally do not object to themselves.

Iv. consultation and consult questions.

For example, moderator adults I worship you oh, ask you a question, people generally have compassion, you humbly seek advice, the general people will not delete your post.

V. reflect the weak content.

Example: Moderator heroes, trouble you to my site to do the analysis, I am a laid-off workers, on the site to eat, now the flow down, I have a small old under, I built a station or borrowed 2000 yuan, must help me. Don't exaggerate, you can exaggerate in moderation. Pack vulnerable groups. Don't be too fake, be pathetic.

Such a post administrator if you delete, will cause public outrage, administrators are generally afraid of public outrage, loss of prestige! You can use a trumpet to the top, such as: I see the tears, the moderator to help him!

Vi. Public welfare content.

For example, put the Wenchuan video on the website propaganda, certainly the top! If you dare to delete, I will use the trumpet scold you, can cause public outrage.

Seven, the text containing the transition.

There is a section of the statement! For example: To be a 7474.html "> grassroots webmaster really hard ah, I have 3 months no income, I still wait to get the money to support the family, the child only 2 months." Moderators may give you a sticky post.

Next hair letters to the owner, the owner thought, wow, than I am poor ah, I delete the garbage post every day is not easy ah. Help a bunch! Remember: people only sympathize with people who are poorer than themselves.

There are a lot of ways to promote the community, we pay attention to the common practice in the summary, the author will be in the follow-up article more discussion. Article by Fuzhou SEO, reprint please indicate the source

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